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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Marines to Norway as Tripwire for Vlad

Here's the piece.

Yes, we have troops all over the world that serve the same purpose.  The difference here is obvious - this deployment is an intentional provocation and serves no other purpose.

Our Political Class is not stumbling toward WWIII - they are marching toward it by design.


  1. Vladimir Putin’s nuclear warships pictured steaming towards the English Channel as Royal Navy prepares to scramble fleet


  2. Vlad is telling NATO that he's their huckleberry, if they insist. What else can he do?


    Get it? No treaty of peace was ever executed at the end of WW-II. Germany is still an occupied enemy territory. Frau Merkel is not a Russian puppet, she is a NATO puppet - make no mistake in the matter...

    History is written by the victors - this is no less true for WW-II than for any other conflict. Question what you think you know, and look at how Europe was partitioned as a spoil between FDR and Stalin at the "end of hostilities". Or do you think that, just because "the Berlin wall came down" that Germany is not a captive market, owned in nearly equal parts by Russia and NATO? Russia has the Energy rights - that's why Russia's GASPROM supplies nearly all the natural gas to Europe. NATO, otoh, owns the "technology rights" - we sell all the computers and tech crap into Europe. Other markets are equally divided. Or did you never wonder why Russia and England/US don't really compete with each other for specific businesses in the EU?

    But NATO wants to violate the secret treaty with the Rusians, by running pipelines for natural gas and oil from Saudi and Qatar through Syria and Turkey, and into southern Europe. Else why have Turkey in NATO? It's a simple Right-of-Way agreement.

    Look closely. Things are not as you have been told...


  3. Tripwire is singing, right now, all across Europe.
    Here is but a taste - http://newobserveronline.com/eu-claims-russia-supports-far-right/

    Economic embargoes have preceded - and effectively forced nations into - every modern war, including both World Wars. What we witness now is just prologue to "grand events" soon to be revealed...

    History doesn't exactly repeat... but it quite often rhymes.

    Take the warning for what it's worth - it is coming.

  4. Russia - China - India == "The New Axis of Evil"

    Wait for it, because that's how the MSM will proclaim it. Any such alliance will be demonized from the very first moment of it's announcement.

    Consider -

    Three nuclear nations, all sharing land borders and many financial interests, and who have been working towards a trade union for some time... and nothing to prevent them from forming a counter-NATO defensive treaty union in response to the pressures Russia is feeling on the European border, and China is feeling as it expands vigorously into the Pacific.

    And why shouldn't Pacific nations such as the Philippines - once the pride of America's pacific frontier - seek new economic and military relationships, after 20 years of being literally as well as figuratively beyond the American pale?
    Nations such as the Philippines, Singapore, and even Japan have sound reasons to seek closer relations with China - whose economic power and military influence are growing throughout the Pacific, even as America's power and influence is stemming down to a trickle, and which might soon even run dry.

    And with Russia and China as economic and military "partners", plus India - well that is one heck of a large economic market, and one which is growing far faster than Europe and North America, which are both "flat" if not in actual economic contraction, even now.

    But if such a "security agreement" is declared between Russia, China and India, you can be absolutely CERTAIN that it will become casus beli almost overnight, according to the Clintonistas and their globalist allies within the NATO club.




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