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Friday, October 14, 2016

Outpost of Freedom

Folks, nobody on Earth has done a better, more dedicated job of documenting the Bundy ordeal than Gary Hunt at Outpost of Freedom.

I know most of my readers are already daily followers of Gary's work - but do us all a favor and spread his site to your favorite gun forums, freedom sites, news sites, and beyond.

Here's the link for the very small group of people who may not already visit.

1 comment:

  1. This case has more ins and outs, more over and under than a hand-knitted sweater. But that's because the FED.GOV is trying very hard not to incriminate itself as it lumbers towards the conviction and incarceration of a bunch of mostly well-meaning folks, who didn't recognize the trap into which they were being led by a small group of "assets" belonging to the FBI and DHS.

    FED.GOV doesn't want the word "entrapment" to come up anywhere among the various trials going on, and that is why they are pushing the Malheur occupiers so hard to take plea deals -

    because at trial the facts demonstrating the intent and purpose of FED.GOV to entrap the liberty-minded activists might come to light, and ruin their whole party.


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