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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rigged = RoL is Dead = Get Some...

PJB on the rigged election, here.

If we accept that the system is rigged, we MUST conclude that the Rule of Law is dead.

If we conclude the Rule of Law is dead, we must challenge the notion that we are bound to follow ANY laws of Man.  If RoL is dead, then 'They' have no protections from our wrath.

It is time to fix the problem and return the Rule of Law to civilized Men.  

Sadly, that means some of us must go forth and do Hard Things - and purge many, many deviant Souls from our midst.  Either we do the work, or we are condemned to live under the arbitrary whims of Evil Men.

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  1. Unless you're a lot older than me, the system was rigged the day you were born. It's just that, back in the dark ages of the 1960s, "rigged" didn't quite mean "guaranteed" like it does today.

    Today, when George Soros owns Skytl, the Spanish company which in 2011 bought SOE, the largest voting-machine company in America, at which point SOE had the contracts for 26 US States and numerous non-state US Territories - over 900 voting precincts in all.

    Today, Skytl's US market penetration has grown substantially - Skytl now directly controls the counting of votes in nearly 1500 precincts across 34 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and several other territories.

    Today, when 19 out of 20 big-network TV commentators and personalities on "primetime" and daytime television are openly cheerleading for Clinton, and bashing Trump like he's the pinyata hung on the front porch of a frat house.

    Today, when we have BLM thugs looting, raping, and burning down the neighborhoods of inner cities on a regularly scheduled basis.

    And today, when we hear democratic mayors say things like "we have to give them a little room to destroy things", and when we hear the pResident declare that "If I had a son,..." he would look like the black thug of the week.

    And today, when the Attorney General declines to prosecute know repeat-offenders in these violent mob scenes - "organizers" who travel from city to city organizing these "protest" mobs and instigating their violent behavior in city after city, essentially spreading revolt across our country.

    Today, when our own government's "Just US Department" actually funds these violent and destructive protests, and even provides security for some of the organizers of these criminal smash-and-burn rallies.

    Yeah, you read that right - not only don't they prosecute these professional insurgents, the Just US Department provides security and transportation for them.

    So yeah, today is a lot different. A lot different than things were 50 years ago; and a way beyond anything which our founding fathers might have imagined.

    But in one particular way, today is just like every other day since the world was made -

    Today you have a choice,
    to suffer the abuse of an ignorant, selfish, and self-destructive majority in silence, or to do something in favor of Liberty...even if that something is nothing more than kicking the legs out from under some bastardized contraption set to enforce the tyranny they perpetually seek to install over us.

    Go ahead. Get some...
    Life is short.
    Play hard.


    Because by winning, you prove they are losers, and they deserve to know that as they die.


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