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Sunday, November 6, 2016

HRC's going under the bus....

Hillary Clinton is being thrown under the bus.

Just watch.

**Brace for President HRC**  Here.

This is why RevWarIII is imminent, regardless of who wins tomorrow.  The only difference between an HRC POTUS and a Trump POTUS is the timeline for implosion.

A heads-up from a Patriot with insight: Factional divisions are running wide and deep through FED.GOV at this point. Whatever happens next, there will be a lot of "defections" among the Praetorian class within the DC Beltway in the coming days. Violence is definitely not out of the question... we should expect to witness raw power on display in any number of ways as this contest plays out and said factions consolidate themselves - the visible "election" is by far the smaller portion, compared to the behind-the-scenes shuffling of power, information, and 'leverage' within the halls of power. 

So much for Erik Prince's announcement that NYPD would drop HRC bombs if FBI choked.

**Is a Wiki-Whopper Incoming?**  The fact that Team HRC is bracing for impact and laying the ground for a defense should tell us all that Team HRC knows another shoe is about to drop.  But they tell us it is probably going to be a fake...  Don't you believe your lyin' eyes, folks.  Here.  But, as I said below - anything that drops after Saturday is likely to be too late to move voters.  If Wiki drops a bomb at this point, I think they have missed their window of opportunity as regards affecting the election. Here's the link.  We shall see.

**CBS: Clinton 'Lead' Evaporates in Two Key States**  CBS creating space for the loss, here.

**HRC gave Classified Intel to her maid**  Here.  If she doesn't go to prison, this nation needs to burn.

**A BIG DEAL**  WaPo: Creating more space AND laying the ground for a 9 November day of wailing.  Here.

**Trump +5.4**  'The Big Mo' (Momentum) as coined by The Gipper.  Here.

**A Reason to Revolt**  HRC delivered Classified information directly to her daughter, through a private server.  Any member of .mil would lose career and freedom for such blatant stupidity.  Here's the link.  If she walks on this one single instance, you need no further evidence that Rule of Law is dead.

Timeline: I anticipate any significant announcements or leaks will drop before 10pm Eastern on Saturday - or they will not drop at all.  Anyone aiming to do damage to HRC's campaign will want the Sunday talk shows filled with her having to defend new allegations, not making closing arguments.  Dropping bombshells on Monday is too late to have any impact.

Further bombshells would be nice, but probably not necessary.  The Big Mo' has shifted toward a Trumpslide.  The Enthusiasm Gap is all Trump.  Dem turnout is likely to be abysmal.  Short of rigging (or a massive mistake by Team Trump) - it's over.

And once it becomes clear HRC will not be POTUS #45 - watch how fast and deep they dig her grave...

Wiki & Anonymous promise to Go Hard, here.

III Percent Patriots Assessment: The computer found that is owned/controlled by the Weiner is full of 650k emails because it was Huma's life insurance policy.  Huma has been with HRC since she was 19 years old.  She understands Vince Foster and Benghazi.  She knows her boss is a monster who will throw anyone under the bus - literally - when it is to her benefit.  650k in emails is not an accident - it is blackmail material horded to prevent ending up in Fort Marcy Park.  Too bad for Huma - FBI found it because her husband is a dirty boy.

**CBS Creates Space**  Here.

**Secondary Detonations as WaPo Starts Creating Space for Truth** Here.

**FOX BREAKING**  Indictment likely re: Clinton Foundation.  And worse for emails on the Weiner, here.

**The Sound of Silence for HRC** Here.

**BOOM**  Sex, under-aged girls, top secret emails and more - and NYPD promises to go public if DOJ doesn't issue indictments in time for election.  Here.  Thanks Cav Med. - If even ONE of these assertions is true, she is done.  And we've seen several such assertions across various sites in recent days.

**ABC Admits Trump More Trusted than HRC**  Here.

**CBS Admits HRC is trying to Deflect:** Here.

**Even Sarandon Bails**  Here.

The Bill Clinton/Mark Rich FBI doc dump was nothing more than a shot across the bow.  The message 'We have access to everything - and if you do not stand down, we'll release it.'  Here's the link.

**Weiner to flip for Child Porn?**  Here.

**HuffPo Begins Running Down-Confidence Pieces** Turnout & 'soft supporter tune-out' may be her problem, here.

**As Dick Morris explained - HRC began losing BEFORE Comey**  Thanks for the pic.

**ABC Admits Enthusiasm Gap is Widening** Here.

**Even Obama takes a half-step back**  Here.

**CNN uses its opinion page to create more distance**  I think we need to take a step back and acknowledge that, if anyone is to blame for this mess, it is Hillary Clinton and her staff. Had she been as diligent about following the proper procedures as she was about protecting her personal privacy, then none of this would be an issue and she might be on her way to winning the presidency in a landslide. - Here.

**Doug Shoen creates space from HRC**  Rats abandoning ship, here.

**Let's see where this one goes**  Wow...

The Left is done with her.  Here's the first piece - CNN is creating distance.  If you can't grasp the meaning of this nuance, I can't really help you.  When CNN starts putting HRC on equal footing with Trump - we have a problem, Houston.  This matters.

**Lefties Losing their Sh*t**  Just look at the HuffPo Headlines, here.

**Under the bus**  CNN continues to create space, here.

**Under the bus**  She should step aside, here.


  1. I'm still of the opinion that she will win. She's no more criminal today than she was before the race began. The system is rigged and it has chosen her to be the next president.

    And if by some miracle she isn't "elected", the alternative is just as dangerous if not more. :-)

    1. Agreed, she may still win because it is rigged.

      If she wins, any 'Patriot' who does not immediately begin extirpating the filth from his AO is useless. There will never again be a better casus belli that an HRC victory in the face of all that is on display.

      We do it then, or it never happens.

    2. AGREED.




      Burn their strongholds to the ground.

      And destroy any lefty stupid enough to come forth with the means to commit harm upon us or our communities.

      In the classic words of Bugs Bunny,
      "You Realize This Means War."

      BRING IT...

  2. The wheels on the bus go
    'round and round
    'round and round
    ...all through the town.

    Clinton has been thrown under those wheels
    and now the question is simple -
    How many of the left's 'Main Street minions'
    will accept this political reality;
    and how many will take to the streets
    and raise hell in protest against
    this decision by the elite -
    to abandon the candidate
    they have spent the last two years
    building up in the eyes
    of the leftist voters?

    We're about to witness the most contested
    election in modern history.

    And this contest will *not* be fought
    in the halls of power, nor in the media,
    but in the streets of downtown America.

    Does anyone imagine that #BLM will stand down quietly and accept this turn of fate?

    Or that the Muslim Brotherhood in America will simply accept the destruction of their patron and protector?

    Or that the millions of illegals who were counting on a Clinton Amnesty will simply keep their heads down and wait another four years?

    Or that the radical homos will sit quietly sobbing in front of their televisions on election day?

    Not a chance.

    In shattering the 'rainbow coalition' which was built around Candidate Clinton, the corporate elite have chosen to release the Krakken.

    Even though it will cause substantial disruption to American society, the elite have decided that this is less of a problem for them, than continuing to back Hillary would have caused.

    Their decision is a selfish one - they do not care about the consequences for we the "dirt people" across the nation. All that matters to them is the continued prosperity and control they enjoy over Cloud City.

    Ugliness shall ensue. They will spend the next 9 days preparing for it.

    I heartily suggest that you do the same...


  3. Keep Pounding That Nail -

    Pariah Hillary: Elections -Should- Be Rigged

    In 2006, Hillary Rodham Clinton very plainly proposed that the elections for the Palestinian Territories should have been rigged. Quote, “If we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure we did something to determine who was going to win.”

    RTWT - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/hillary-says-elections-should-be-rigged/

    Burn their Strongholds to the Ground!!
    Every. Last. One.

  4. And Rigged They are -

    Think your vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential election is secure?

    Think again.

    In 2000, computer programmer Clinton “Clint” Curtis was ordered to design an undetectable computer program that could flip the results of a close election, according to ClashDaily and the St. Petersburg Times, now the Tampa Bay Times.

    Curtis testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that his employer, Yang Enterprises Inc., told him, “We need to steal an election.” The program was intended for the computerized voting machines to which Florida would be transitioning starting in 2002.

    RTWT - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/election-fraud-is-already-systematically-accomplished/


  5. And I have more to publish...


    It's Party Time.

    ...Hangin' Party time!!


  6. Hillary flew on the 'Lolita Express' with Bill - had relations with underage girls? Apparently so...

  7. Just one word for ya -


    Wait for it...


  8. The Monday morning headline
    at Drudge is a must see.

    cav med

  9. Lots of rumblings tonight in the deeper reaches of the 'net - something big coming tomorrow, around 10am~noon EST.

    Aparently it has two parts - one is from Comey, but the other is from a non-gov source. Could be WikiLeaks, or something else alltogether.

    All I can say is to be very careful about where you go tomorrow - you don't want to get caught in any 'protest zones'.


    1. The revelations are still coming; in fact we have not yet seen the half of it.
      Remember, the revolutionary elements on the street must be given their trigger.

      It's danger time. Eyes sharp, ears open.


  10. I will not disagree that in the past two weeks Hoft has had to edit or totally scrub posts after the fact.
    But I feel by doing so his intellectual honesty is evident. He could leave such posts up for their sensationalism.
    This is a fast moving election and I believe Jim Hoft is doing GP solo. That still is not an excuse for sloppy research though.
    I hope in the future he does his due dilligence so thre are no furthers incidents.

    1. GP isn't on my routine read list - it is encouraging that he does scrub/edit when something turns out to be wrong. There is so much information out there right now that news sites like his are just swamped.

      Plus, they are all jockeying to break the next big story to become the next Drudge. No harm in that - news cycles like this are nearly as rare as Unicorns. ;)

  11. Arse deep in Wikileaks for the last 20 hours straight, minining pure Plutocratonium for the bomb which will destroy the entire Clintonista clan.

    There is an astonishing amount of hubris on display throughout their communications, even by my rather jaded standards.

    I will continue to pass off what I find, here and to other bloggers with an audience that will appreciate my findings.

    This isn't about partisanship - being aligned with any particular blog or 'crew' - this is about getting the truth out there to as many Patriots as possible, and then it is your job to spread the facts and the Just Outrage throughout your AOs, and prepare your communities for the fight that is surely coming.

    I will load you all up with facts.
    What you do with them is up to you.

    Lets do this, and do it Right...


  12. Молитва и терпение предотвратили много ошибок.
    Только Бог мoжeт cпacти вac ceйчac.

  13. Most definitely Zed. I tried looking through some of that stuff, I still have a migraine.

  14. Tonedeaf - Вполне простительно.
    быть хорошо и не волнуйтесь. Я сделал для такой работы, и я рад это сделать.

    Zed (Зед)

  15. Has anyone here considered that "they" will let clinton get pulled from the race and then cancel the election for there not being a fair election process. Obama then stays in office for one more year claiming to use the CONSTITUTION as the reasoning to postpone? And in the meantime war with Russia breaks out... no more elections... ever?

  16. Its now five days until the
    "election," and as always,
    all I hear and see is a naive
    stupidly and fanatical belief
    in rainbows and unicorns.
    Give me a fucking break.
    A soft coup.
    A flacid and softer counter coup.
    The treasonous traitors rampaging
    in our midst being defeated with
    a weaponless and nonviolent revolution.
    To use anything other than the noose,
    the knife, the bullet and the rifle, is a
    complete waste of time.
    I am extremely pissed off that within
    the week, I will have to load up and go
    out alone to fight these shitbags (dying alone), and no one else
    is going to do jack.
    I'm certain that from the afterlife, I
    will be forced to watch "patriots" and
    the supposedly outraged furiously
    masturbating to Fairy tales of stopping
    the installation of rodham.

    cav med

  17. Fuck ammo!
    I don't have enough popcorn.


    cav med

    1. I have about 12 cases of popcorn, come on over. :-)
      I'm really hoping this is what gets her because it will be the hardest to recover from.
      Miss Violet

    2. Destruction of Evil is only assured, when the agent of evil is dead...

      As Ive been saying for years, ALL the Clintons - Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea should swing. So should most of the people that have worked for them for more than 6 months..ever. Because their entire organization is filthy, rotten, diabolical, perverted evil. Period.

      The same could easily be said for at least half the members of Congress, as we will soon find out.

      This CLINTON CHILD SEX SCANDAL goes farther - much farther - than most of us would have dared to imagine.

      The rumor mill has been roiling for an entire week stating that literally hundreds of Congrescritters, congressional staffers, lobbyists, and officers of large corporations can now be PROVEN to have gone to Epstein's Sex-Slave Island, and engaged in every manner of Sexual misconduct, including rape of minor children.

      HUNDREDS of Public Figures PROVEN to HAVE DONE THESE THINGS...and hundreds or even thousands more being implicated to have done so, but with less than airtight proof (so far).

      The election has just been accomplished - Hillary and company just lost. And if they try, in any way to avoid, deny, or challenge that fact, then we are obliged to go to arms, IMMEDIATELY, AND UNTIL ALL THE FILTH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

      Fuggem' it's time to show them what happens when you hurt children, and the same goes for ANYONE who would continue to support any public figure who commits sexual assault against children. KILL 'EM ALL.


  18. RCP electoral college map minus toss up states.


  19. Miss V,

    Forget the popcorn and crank out a few hundred bacon wrapped, stuffed jalepenos! :)

  20. Just another reason to vote Trump.
    27% of .Gov workers to quit if Trump wins.


    1. Awesome - let's pray that they all do leave. and we'd better hold Trump to his promise regarding a Federal Hiring Freeze. With that alone, we could see the federal "workforce" reduce by 40% or more.

      Which would be a good start, IMHO.

      Trump should also establish an "Inspector General's inquest" into every federal employee, Top to Bottom, to examine their work record and all other available information pertaining to their conduct and character, and determine whether they are competent to retain their position. If not, fire 'em for their incompetence/misconduct.

      And there should be NO UNEMPLOYMENT, retirement, or any other benefit provided, where there is evidence of misconduct, and there would be LOTS of people nailed for such...

      Fuggem' Let 'em all rot and die. They are the cancer that has been killing this nation, and here comes to surgeon to cut them all out...


  21. Weiner is in rehab.


  22. Fuck Ron Howard.
    Fuck Rob Reiner.


    1. I'm rarely foulmouthed, but all the freaks in Hollywood who are getting their panties in a bunch because their candidate is loosing not only the electionv- but the privilege to be counted as a human being, due to decades of her filthy, rotten, diabolical, perverted, and criminal misconduct - well to all of them I would say, let them suck a bag of dicks.

      They're proving themselves to be unworthy of holding any place of public influence in our society, and I hope the investigative probes go far enough to burn the majority of those freaks for going to Sex Slave Island and/or covering for those who did so...

      It would be the beginning of Justice...


  23. Chew on this, while continuing
    to make excuses for not going
    hot, in whatever AO you reside.
    No Fort Sumter's.
    Maintain the moral high ground.
    Be respectable.
    Its for the safety of the children,
    don'tcha know.


    cav med

  24. More details incoming about the Clinton/Weiner/Pedophile Island scandal. It's much bigger than has been admitted so far.


    Hundreds of current and former Congressmen and Senators involved, and possibly even one or more US Presidents.

    There is apparently a discussion going on within the highest levels of government about the possibility of suspending Congress and implementing some form of a Military Supervised Government while the investigation is concluded and the guilty are removed from office and arrested.

    This is the biggest news of the last 50+ years.
    Our society is about to change violently and painfully. No one will be immune to the impact of this change - it will be rapid and violent.
    Protect your family and prepare for disruption.

    It will come quickly...


  25. Warnings going out - there are currently High-level discussions occurring within the government about implementing a limited form of Martial law until the investigations of currently seated Congressmen and Senators can be concluded, and the guilty arrested.

    The phrase "Constitutional Crisis" is now flowing through the halls of power in DC.

    The likely next step will be some sort of a 'secret conclave' called of those congressmen free of implications in the scandal, in conjunction with the military Joint Chiefs of Staff, and members of the Supreme Court, to discuss what can and should be done.

    It is not known if president 0bama will be invited, thus there is question of whether the president himself is implicated in the scandal.

    It is officially Danger Time.
    Take care.


    1. More rumblings in the deep net - FEDGOV is at war with itself as of this moment. Battle lines have formed and various agencies and individuals are vigorously contending for their brand of "Next".
      Those in the DC to Baltimore corridor, in NYC, Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans should be prepared for the outbreak of violence from this point forward.


    2. Trump assassination attempt is part of the 'war of many factions' now going on within FED.GOV.
      There will be more... very possibly much more violence in the coming 72 hours.


  26. If HRC can not win fair and square they will unleash Mo.


  27. Bret Baier just walked back his statement that an indictment was likely.

  28. Lock her up!


  29. http://www.dangerandplay.com/2016/11/04/florida-election-officials-caught-filling-out-absentee-ballots-affidavit-alleges-floridafraud/

  30. http://truepundit.com/breaking-comey-mandates-all-fbi-agents-report-to-d-c-offices-prep-for-raids-arrests-in-clinton-probes/

  31. Finally, the media is put on notice.


  32. Bernie creates space.


  33. Trump was just rushed off stage by Secret Service in Reno, Nv.

  34. Possible armed attacker
    rushed Trump onstage in Reno,
    within the past hour.


    cav med

  35. Confirmation.
    Of course, and without surprise,
    the journalistic source is from outside
    the U.S. .

    Suck on this moral high ground.

    Armed attacker rushes Trump during
    rally in Reno.
    Yes, with a gun.
    Yes, tonight.


    cav med

  36. H and I were watching the live stream. Trump was watching the scuffle before Secret Service got to him. Bald white guy in a hoodie.

    I wonder if HRC paid him the $1500 up front, or upon completion. ;)

  37. Info Wars is reporting it was an assasination attempt. Saw some operators in full armor and helmets take him down.

  38. A B/W, up close photo.


    cav med

  39. Cernovich is calling it an assasination attempt that is being covred up.


  40. It could work to our favor that the FBI doesn't indict Hitlerry before Obozo leaves office. He would only pardon her anyhow...so much now is riding on a Trump win.

  41. Between 1988 and possibly tomorrow
    night, discounting the brief burp of
    time that bathhouse barry was selected
    for the Oval office, the 'Presidential' line up has
    been George H.W. Bush, Bubba Clinton,
    George (son of) Bush and most likely
    following tomorrow's selection, hillary rodham, the wife of Bubba C.
    However, countless 'patriots' still whine, gripe, and desperately plead for evidence, just one more scrap of evidence, that "the system
    is rigged."
    Exactly as happened, folllowing the
    murder of LaVoy 'Who.'
    Otherwise, the real fight cannot begin.
    Wah, wah!
    Nooses and street-lamps cannot be decorated
    with the treasonous.
    Wah, wah!
    Blood cannot be spilled.
    Wah, wah.
    Purifying fires cannot be set
    to burn.
    Wah, wah, wah!

    cav med

  42. Good riddance, to another communist
    and treasonous shitbag.
    Unfortunatley, death by natural cause
    is not justice.

    cav med

  43. Forgot to add the dead commie's link: washingtonpost.com/politics/janet-reno-former-us-attorney-general-dies-at-78/2016/11/07/50fe8810-a4cc-11e6-8042-f4d111c862d1_story.html

    cav med

  44. Factional divisions are running wide and deep through FED.GOV at this point. Whatever happens next, there will be a lot of "defections" among the Praetorian class within the DC Beltway in the coming days. Violence is definitely not out of the question... we should expect to witness raw power on display in any number of ways as this contest plays out and said factions consolidate themselves - the visible "election" is by far the smaller portion, compared to the behind-the-scenes shuffling of power, information, and 'leverage' within the halls of power.


  45. In addition to seing raw power wielded in the immediate DC/Baltimore area, folks in the NYC, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, and San Francisco/Oakland metros should be aware of the possibility of raw power being wielded in their AOs as well.
    The probable areas of conflagration are increasing, as the scope of the scandal(s) becomes more widely known among the rank-and-file of FED.GOV agencies...

    "Strange times produce even stranger bedfellows", so take nothing for granted. Focus on your local AO and keeping your people safe - there isn't much we can do about what happens within Leviathan anyway, so unless you have to engage in that mess for whatever reason, it is far better to steer clear and maintain as low a profile as possible.
    At some point, the conflict among the Federales may reach "street level" - but even then, the benefits of engagement should be really high for you to consider breaking your low profile and engaging said 'high value targets'.


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