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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

57 Days: President Trump, pardon the Hammonds on Day One

Tomorrow as you settle around the table and give thanks for what you have, please take a moment to think of Dwight and Steven Hammond and their family.  Dwight and Steven remain in Long Beach in a FedGov cage, the result of a political prosecution and persecution.  

Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

Please share the link to the WhiteHouse.Gov petition site with everyone you know.  Let's get this matter in front of Team Trump and let's convince President Trump to correct this injustice on his first day in office.

Here's the link to the petition:  https://goo.gl/fOoXpN

Also tomorrow, as you think in those quiet moments, consider how many 'Patriot' and 'Liberty' blogs and FB pages have refused to carry links to this simple petition.  If a 'Patriot' will not post a simple link to a petition that has the potential to release Dwight and Steve Hammond from unjust incarceration, what makes you sanguine such people will ever do anything tangible and difficult for Liberty?  If they can't or won't do what is easy and free, what on Earth makes you think they'll live up to their bluster when it is hard, and costs everything?

Shame any and every 'Patriot' who will not do such a simple act that could benefit two wrongly imprisoned Americans.

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  1. Over a thousand sig's so far... a good start, but we definitely need more. Please folks, push this. It's not about K, or me, or anyone other than the Hammonds, and the injustice they currently suffer under.



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