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Sunday, November 27, 2016

ConCon = WarWar

Jeb is calling on President-Elect Trump and the new Congress to host a Constitutional Convention (ConCon).

Certain events are 'Triggers' for Patriots - and not in that sissy-college way we've seen over the last few weeks on campuses across America as our next generation retreats to safe spaces with play-doh and coloring books..  Trigger some of us, and cities will burn.

I trust no living Americans sufficiently to crack the hood on the Constitution.  We simply do not have the brain-power or the self-sacrifice necessary to begin tinkering with the finest document ever produced by Man on the topic of self-governance.  Our politicians today can't even adhere to the current document, what makes anyone sanguine they would adhere to a modified version?

Announce the date and time for a Constitutional Convention.  G'head, I double-dawg dare ya.  I will be there with a significant number of allies to chain every participant inside the building, then burn it to the f'n ground.

That is all.


  1. thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/steins-recount-may-prevent-wi-pa-mi-votes-counted-electoral-college/

    Regardless of fully deciphering the
    true intent of the recount puzzle, the
    longer this election coup proxy persists,
    the more unlikely will ever have to worry
    about a Constitutional convention.
    We would not even make it to Christmas
    without the streets flowing with blood.
    A few years ago, you responded to a comment
    by me, asking what I thought the Patriot
    movement should be doing, in response
    to its overwhelming lack of leadership
    and inaction.
    Unfortunately, I dodge giving an honest
    answer, with a reply about being a reliable
    What I should have responded with is
    that what needs to be done, and should
    have been done for a long time now, is
    that Patriots need to be operational
    in their AO's.
    And give less than a fuck, that the
    overwhelming majority of them would
    be solo operations.
    Any and all offensive actions that
    can be conceived, realistic and effective
    should be (should have been) ongoing.
    That is my long overdue (honest) answer to
    your question.

    cav med

    1. Here's an interesting perspective on the recounts.


      These people are playing with fire of the thermite variety. The Marxists are about to be shoved away from the controls of society and power (at least on the national scale) and I'm not sure how far they will go to try and keep it. Scary stuff.

    2. OK, Lemme dare to play the foil once again - I think they'll go "all the way" to keep their hands on the wheel, regardless of any electoral results, popular results, or any other "results" whatsoever.

      Their attitude has been clearly demonstrated over the last two decades as, "damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead" - I can see absolutely no reason for which they would even contemplate changing that attitude, this late in the process of "destroying the old to make way for the new".

      They need blood in the streets - and they'll do whatever they have to, to achieve such ends. What they fail to realize is what we'll do when it gets to that point... their intense ideology blinds them to the dangers which they court so blithely.


    3. Well worth the read -

  2. Wooooo - he's so hot he actually tells the truth about leftism and it's position.


    You MUST watch this.
    Listen and learn...

    1. They killed the previous link - go here instead

      To listen to Pie's morning-after rant about the (D)emocrats and what "they should have done"...

  3. Trigger some of us, and cities will burn.

    I trust no living Americans sufficiently to crack the hood on the Constitution.

    Two of the finest examples of understatement I have ever seen.

    God help them if they are so crippled of sense, and overwhelmed with pride, so as to miss the warning signs flashing everywhere, and the klaxons shrieking the alarms which they themselves have triggered.

    It's like handing over control of a nuclear reactor to a batch of kindergarteners, and then wondering why things are getting 'too hot'...


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