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Monday, November 21, 2016

Fair Warning to Sanctuary City/State Officials

Fcuk me?  No, amigo - fcuk you...
Entering the United States illegally is a misdemeanor the first time.

It is a felony the second time.  Here, look for yourself.

Harboring illegals?  Oh my.  A felony count for each instance.

Governors, mayors, LEO officials, special interest groups, employers - take heed.  If the Trump Administration doesn't begin prosecuting you for your willful disregard for the security of the nation and the reckless endangerment of We the People - we will.  And we will not offer the niceties you will find in a FedGov court.

As my friend, the Gentleman from North Carolina, often reminds you all - you have been warned.

But it looks like Attorney General Sessions may restore some honor to the DoJ and handle your Treasonous behaviors, here.

III Percent Patriots



  1. Meh. We'll see. Actions speak louder than words. Keep in mind, so far these people have done have done not a damn thing. :-)

    1. Agreed, they haven't done anything yet. They 'appear' to be laying the ground to follow-through, but we shall see.

      If they follow-through with even 10% of their promises, they will accomplish more than the entire 'Liberty Movement' has managed over the last 8 years of Obama.


  2. To all the legal Mexicans and Others of Central and South American descent - be prepared to serve as guides and interpreters, aiding Liberty forces to dispose of the illegal scumbags. Failure to do so will likely earn a 'fair game' tag for you and your family.

    Such cooperation will be the price of remaining as a lawful resident and trusted neighbor, when the party goes full-hot.

    Nobody - and I do mean NOBODY - gets to sit this out. If you're not making a place for yourself now, then you will have zero standing to come complaining that you need /blah blah blah/ when the shit is flying every which way, and your ass is hanging out in the middle.

    Don't like that? Tough friggin beans. Deal with it. That's natural law. If you don't earn yourself a place, then it's your fault when you don't have a place...


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