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Sunday, November 6, 2016

III Percent Provocateurs

Have you noticed, as I have noticed, that every single III Patriot, Threeper, who actually goes out into the world and backs up his mouth, who accomplishes real and tangible results, is demonized by the 'Establishment' III?

We are labeled as 'unsavory', or 'Fed plants', or war-mongers - and much worse - by people who claim to be 'Patriots' who have never accomplished a single mission.  Hell, some even get blocked from their goals by a pair of 100 year old wooden doors, just inches from their own stated goals.  

The Georgia III Security Force is the latest III Group to come under fire for doing the work of Patriots.

Whatever you may think of the Georgia III Security Force - ask yourself this question: What have their critics done for Liberty?

Man Up, Guns Up, or - Shut the Fuck Up.

Here's their .com 
Here's their FB

The III has been infiltrated by bad people, and they have a single mission - to heap criticism on those III Patriots who actually have the balls to go do 'something'.

To the Georgia III - Keep moving, Patriots.  Ignore the haters - they are Establishment, Police State and they are welfare sluts.


  1. Replies
    1. And even WRSA propagates the hate...

      Very disappointing.

  2. Lost all credibility with wrsa a very long time ago.

  3. I find Kit's blatant hypocrisy disgusting. She condemns 'unsavory characters' in her latest post yet refuses to acknowledge her own unethical transgressions.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't she voted out of LFA III%, the very same group she founded, for stealing funds from the groups coffers?

    People wake up. Their are those in the 'Patriot Community' that mean to control you.

    1. Kit has proven to be nothing but genetic garbage.

      She was armed, with Red Mikey, at the wooden doors that turned her entire group away. She and her cohort were at the Federal Building in Spokane in a 'major armed protest' with zip ties through their rifles and empty magazines. They also moved politely aside when the big bad .Gov guards told them to move. So much for 'Resistance' in the Kit Lange/Perez model.

      Garbage and spineless.

      Remember also - that Spokane gig is the one Red Mikey couldn't get to, because Big Uncle interfered with his flights and car rentals. BULLSHIT! Red Mikey fabricated the entire fiasco because I had announced I was going to be there and that spineless old Commie trembled at the mere thought of being in my presence.

      Kit, Daffy, Welfare Lane, The Handyman Cook - they all belong to the same group of Quislings...


    You said Handyman Cook.

    Whatever happened to the Bosworths? The last thing I saw of them was when AB was kicked out of the meeting in Burns.

    1. Not sure - he seems to have handed his FB to his daughter - hiding behind her skirts.

      That entire bunch was a pathetic joke.


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