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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Tradition

Each year we at the III Percent counsel serious Patriots to participate in an important bit of critical analysis while seated around the Thanksgiving dinner table.  This exercise always causes heartburn among some 'Patriots' - it caused a full-blown meltdown within the Daffy Dodge household a couple of years ago.  But that is primarily because the Daffy Crew live in a fantasy land of Welfare State and Police State narcissism and The Stupid, instead of reality.

The analysis: As you sit at the table with family and closest friends, assess each and every person with brutal honesty as to how many you may have to kill when SHTF.  How many of your closest friends and family are still sickened by a Trump win?  How many are Welfare Sluts?  How many will sell you out for a bread chit when things get ugly.

The fight brewing in America is often (and relatively accurately) described as Globalism versus Nationalism.  But it is truly more simple.  The fight is Liberty versus Tyranny - Freemen versus those who mean to be masters.  

It is Good versus Evil.

Look around your table today.  It may be ugly, but if you are honest with yourself, you know there are people there who would stand against you in a fight.  They may do it boldly and honestly, or more deviously.  But against you and yours they will stand.

Be prepared to cut ties - or throats.

If you think this counsel inappropriate, I urge you to remember your history.  You need not look beyond American history - RevWarI and RevWarII are sufficient for examples of families torn apart over the wars.  Fathers and sons never speaking again, such as Benjamin Franklin.  Brothers fighting one another as in the Civil War (RevWarII).

You have dangerous people close to you by birth or friendships.  IFF them now.

These are not my rules.  I simply recognize them...

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. "These are not my rules. I simply recognize them..."

    Among the first responsibilities of every MAN is accepting the Ugly Necessities of life. Fail to do so, and you fail in your attainment of manhood, period.

    We all find ourselves faced with the need to do things we'd rather not. Those instances are among the tests of our true character and fortitude.

    I am reminded of a famous line by Lovelace, "I could not love thee so, loved I not honor more..."

    "Love" and "Honor" are verbs - they are not things we feel, they are things that we do. Those who fail to act with love and honor, do not possess those attributes.

    Measure carefully - words weigh next to nothing, whereas actions prove the weight of a man's honor and dedication.


  2. This photo says it all: thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/shopping-chaos-1.jpg?quality=80&strip=all&w=600&h=400&crop=1

    Black Thursday, Midland, TX, November 24, 2016.
    Likely everyone in the picture, other than the
    bald big black guy employee, is an illegal.
    But there they are, a swarming horde unafraid
    and freely shopping at a JC Penny store.

    cav med

  3. It's official. Castro is now a "good" commie. It wasn't soon enough, nor violent and painful enough, but he's with Marx and Guevara in hell now 😁

    1. The irony, on Pinochet's birthday too! He's gettin helicopter rides in hell now, for all eternity.

    2. Pinochet and Castro - what a pair they must make. If hell could be made any hotter, they'd be the pair to do it.

      Good riddance...


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