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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Sanctuary City Imminent Fight

This will be one of the early fights between Trumpsters and Marxists.

Look at that map and consider which (few) states are void of Sanctuary Cities.

If we take Trump at face value (an unknown at this moment) and he begins cutting FedGov money to Sanctuary entities, especially if is Entitlement money, be ready to rock out with your Glock out.

Here's the source link.


  1. My head nearly explodes when I hear the phrase "Undocumented Citizen"

    1. I refuse to call them that. They will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be ILLEGAL ALIENS 😁

  2. They're not. They're "useful idiots" of the First degree. The Marxists lured them into our country, and to these 'Sanctuary Cities' for the express purpose of creating an uncontrollable mob of entitled and angry people who would have to be placated, and the cost of whose placation would be a destructive load upon our governmental welfare system. LBJ's "Great Society" was supposed to create this destructive load with urban black people - but there weren't enough of them, and they weren't angry or violent enough to do the job. The commies who own the 'entertainment industry' tried to amp-up the anger of blacks with 'Rap music' and gangs, but in the late 1980s the .GOV arm of the commie cabal decided that another source of 'useful idiots' was needed, and the whole 'Sanctuary Cities' program was started in the late 1980s and funded by Bill Clinton and the same (D)emocrat-controlled congress that gave us the "Assault Weapons Ban" and tried to give us "Hillary-Care".

    But backlash from the AWB and the Hillary-Care battle ousted many of the worst commies from the HoR, and from 1995 until the end of Clinton's presidency they didn't have the majority necessary to implement the rest of the plan, so the parts they had implemented just rolled along in low gear.

    9/11 was supposed to be the 'big shock' that triggered the final collapse, but there were enough sane and loyal Americans scattered among the Neocons under Bush that it was prevented... and that's how we got to the 2008 Banking implosion.

    One easy pointer to the fact that the 2008 crisis was engineered is this: In 1999 the banks started issuing "Adjustable Rate Mortgages" (ARMs) and Interest-Only Loans (IOLs). From '99 until early '02 the most common ARM was a 7/1, which means a fixed rate for 7 years, and then 'adjusted' each year after - the fixed rate for the first 7 years was very low, but would go up substantially when it became adjustable; in the same period, the IOLs were typically 7 and 10 year contracts, so the full amount of the principle was due and payable between 2006 and 2009.

    From 2002~04 the most common ARM was a 5/1, and the term of most IOLs was reduced to 5 years. So all of these mortgages were going to "flip" between 07 and 09.

    In 2005 the ARMs were 3/1s, and there were still 5-year IOLs, but not nearly as many - so also focused on the 08~09 timeframe.

    This focused millions of homeowners to need a refi, or face foreclosure in the timeframe between the second half of 2007 through the first half of 2009, i.e. 2H07 through 1H09.

    They chose the time of this "crunch" to be building pressure throughout the 2008 eletoral season on purpose.

    The oil companies did their part by pumping up the price of gas and fuel oil on a slope starting in 2H06 up through 1H08 to increase financial pressures on homeowners with these loans.

    Thus, it was a Two-Stage Nuclear Bomb engineered to cause the Home Financing disaster of 2007~8... and with the climax to come just months before the 2008 election.

    There are a lot of other pieces to the puzzle, but they all fit at least as well as what I outline above.

    The Useful Idiots (urban blacks and illegal Mexicans) were the cantilever to ensure that wages earned by homeowners with these loans would **not** increase and allow them to afford the higher interest rates when the mortgages became adjustable. These same useful idiots were the "anvil" - the protesters in the street - against which the American people would be beaten into submission by the "hammer" of heavy governmental enforcement of "law and order".

    1. No.
      They are illegal aliens, and
      their treatment accorded them
      should be the same received
      by the treasonous shitbags
      rampaging throughout our Republic.

      cav med

  3. Ctd.

    Because we got Barry Soetoro in the 2008 election, they decided that it would increase the probability of their success to use his "black narrative" to again amp-up the anger of the urban blacks, and to encourage them to act out against whites, visibly and violently. Thus you get "The Knockout Game" a.k.a. "Polar Bear Hunting", and the Soros funded protest movements which coalesced as "#BlackLivesMatter.

    Make no mistake - the commies are accustomed to manipulating large groups of people using these 'identity politics' movements, and they are very effective with their methods - after all, "Revolution" is what they do. Most people are unable to see how totally manipulated they are, and so there is a certain amount of tolerance, forgiveness, and compassion which I have for them. But with the massive amount of evidence laid bare before us over the last few years about how totally controlled the "Financial Crisis of 2008" was, and how totally controlled the "Occupy Wallstreet", "BlackLivesMatter" and nearly every other dissident protest group is - there is more than sufficient plain evidence readily available, from the UN in their own declarations such as 'Agenda 21' and the US governments full and unwavering support of it; through Wikileaks, and the inferno that they have created of the DNC and a lot of other supporting organizations for their flagrant lies, manipulation, and cover-ups of massive misdeeds against the American people; and just plain old news where they tell you, straight out and in your face, what they intend to do, such that anyone who still sides with Hillary & the Democratic party et.al. is not being tricked - they are making a conscious choice to be on the wrong side of things, and thus my tolerance and compassion for these people is at an end.

    Let me not imply that the (R)epublican Party is innocent - Far from it. Since 2000, the Neocons have been running the (R)epublican party, and they are completely in bed with the (D)emocrats in their desire to create an utterly tyrannical police state on the ashes of our American Republic, and their leverage in Corporate America has been used to screw the average American family in favor of the 0.001% wealthiest fraction of society. The Mortgage scam was as much a (R)epublican game to enrich the bankers, just as much s it was a (D)emocratic thing to create a "crisis" that they could use to destroy the Republic and subjugate the American people. Remember Enron? Same thing - just another case of profiteering for the 0.0001% as part of the process of destroying the Rule of Law that our society is built on.

    I could write another 40,000 or 50,000 words going into all the details, but the point is plain -

    There is not a single part of our current state and condition as a Nation and Society, which these monsters have not manipulated from natural events, or fabricated themselves from whole cloth, for the express purpose of destroying our Republic, perverting the Rule of Law into a weapon against us, and implementing an absolute tyranny upon us.

    The game is set, and the sides are chosen.
    Only the contest itself - plain and raw as it shall be - remains before us. What you witness now, is the culmination of a century of scheming and manipulation, by men who aspired to usurp not only the Liberties and Benefits of our society, but the very authority of God Himself over mankind as a whole, to decide and determine our future.


  4. Non violent opposistion to Anti Trump protests.


    1. Heh, video was short but very educational.
      Give 'em a case of 'black lung' they'll whine about for the rest of their days...

  5. Every sanctuary city should be burned to the ground.
    Without allowing any of the residents to leave.

    Nukes are best, but since they're not accessible to us, petroleum storage facilities are our next best bet... Every airport has one, and there are many others, besides...

    The battle-space is polygonal - Use every item on the board to your best advantage.


    Burn 'em.


  6. Whatever.
    Keep harvesting cat shit
    with a knitting needle.

    cav med


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