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Monday, December 19, 2016


This is how World Wars begin.


The Russians will not let this lie...

And now Berlin, here.


  1. Not good.

    Was this a CIA controlled asset?

  2. Fuck.



    cav med

  3. Zerohedge has a more comprehensive
    write accompanied by a video.
    The truck is larger than that used in Nice.


    cav med

  4. Hmmm....
    What's going on in Texas?
    As of yet, no electoral decision has
    been reported in that state.
    And this is with Nevada and
    California as the only other states
    remaining to report.
    If Texas somehow flips, neither
    Trump or rodham reaches 270.
    Uh, oh.....
    It might be put up or shut up time.

    cav med

  5. Maybe not the the CIA, but still enough to start a war.


  6. Another Russian Diplomat assassinated, this time in Moscow.
    The globalists need a war and will do anything to start one before Trump takes office.


  7. Hell hath no fury like a battalion of Rangers, come to avenge the murder of women and children.

    When once Trump is sworn in, I expect a flurry of very "special" operations in various places around the world, which will leave no question remaining on the US posture towards acts of terror, going forward.

    "Face the bull, get the horns", as they say.

    It won't happen, but I wish there would be 'terror attacks' in Mecca and Medina. Something big enough that it can't be covered up, or its implications brushed aside. --E.G. a "dirty bomb" that distributes a few hundred kilograms of finely powdered 60Co (highly emissive radio-isotope Cobalt 60) over a dozen square miles or so of territory at and around the Kabba.

    It would be enough to render the mudslime "holy sites" highly radioactive and totally unapproachable for the next 530 years (100 Half-Lives) or so.

    Remember, revolutionary war originates in the culture. Neuter the culture, and you have destroyed the foundation of the revolution, making the rest of it easy to deal with - simply allow the remnants to wither and fade into history, as is right and just.

    When the culture poses as a "religion" as islam does, you go directly to the point of the religious fixation, as Rome did to Jerusalem in 70AD - they destroyed the temple and decimated the priesthood.
    Result? The Jews weren't heard from for the next thousand plus years.

    When you mean business, you should do business. Talk is just that - talk. And 0bama has flapped his gums for so long without any real followthrough, that we need to press the Reset Button with respect to muslim behavior around the world -
    A Cobalt delivery wouldn't destroy anyhing, but it would put their, two "holiest" places off limits, totally unapproachable, for a very long time - about 21 generations, which is long enough to completely invalidate islam as a political force in the world - which is exactly what needs to happen.



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