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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Olby - Enemy of Liberty


  1. Communists don't yield the field.
    You kill them on it, or beat them
    the fuck off of it.

    cav med

  2. This guy is such a know nothing POS!!!!


  3. Cav Med

    Once the fighting begins, we cannot allow one commie to survive. They are like rats who breed in the drains. And just like rats, you may get them to move on by killing some of them or denying them a source of food and shelter but sure as shit, they will be back.

    We either take care of business now or we will be fighting them again in a few years. Plain and simple.

  4. Tonedeaf and Cav Medic -
    Agreed. New York, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and a dozen other (previously) American cities should be fully cordoned, and crop-dusted with Cobalt-60, as occupied.

    When the radiation settles down to livable levels (53 years is 10 times the Half-Life, which would probably be enough), we can re-colonize them with actual, legitimate Americans, if we're so inclined.

    But McCarthy was right - the genetic filth with which they're currently infested must be dealt with, firmly and finally.

    Every argument to the contrary is rooted in a lack of intestinal fortitude, and is invalid on its face.

    You don't negotiate with Cancer - you kill it.
    You don't tolerate Cholera or Small Pox, you eradicate them.
    And never, ever leave food out and available for vermin to eat, unless you've laced it with poison.

    There is absolutely no difference between the disease presently ravaging our country, and any of the above examples. None.

    The problem is the same, and so is the solution.



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