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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sanctuary Campuses

I wonder how fast Big Sis would reverse her position if Trump plays hard - like denying all Fed grants and Student Loans for anyone attending a 'Sanctuary Campus'.

Here's the link.


  1. Arrest.
    Repeat until Rule of Law is restored.

    This is the answer for all those, regardless of rank or position, who commit Treason against These United States.

    And make no mistake - establishing any form of "sanctuary" for *any* criminal element within the Jurisdiction of the US can be defined as nothing less that outright, Prima Fascie Treason.

    Hang 'em all.

  2. As always, while eveyone
    knee-jerk reacts, excitedly hoping from one egregious crime and treasonous act
    to the next by fedgov, the status-quo of
    of doing nothing effective by 'Patriots'
    Case and point, the federal budget CR
    expires on December 9th at midnight, but
    do have you heard (are you reading) anything
    about fedgov again being in desperate 11th
    hour situation about this?
    No, you don't.
    And when I ask, "have you heard, are you reading," I am not referring to the barley
    literate scribes and whores of America's
    treasonous state propagandists.
    I am referring to our supposed side of the
    fence, that side the more often than not
    is performing the tasks of ( a legitimate)
    the "fourth-estate."
    And once again, the intentional and deafening
    silence on this topic guarantees that the
    professional polictical shitbags of the uniparty
    will criminally and treasonously betray
    the welfare of citizens, again failing
    to honestly and realistically face the apocalyptic
    emergency of our Republic's economy.
    Nope, its not gonna happen.
    Along about Monday the 5th, a trickle
    of substantive discusssion will begin, and
    again it will be already be far too late
    for citizens to advantageously input, effect (as if that were even possible), or check in some way, any way, another fedgov crime and betrayal
    of our Republic.
    Citizens and supposed 'Patriots' will again
    pout, stomp and bang the shit out of their
    keyboards in outrage amd disgust.
    It will be equal to the gnashing of teeth
    and crocodile tears being shed by the
    communists and their SJW foot soldiers
    over the election of Trump.
    Unfortunately, far too many stupidly believe
    that his election means that uniparty republicans now have a backbone and
    will finally fight against, by using their majorities
    in the house and senate, to finally check
    and roll back the traitors who still have
    not been encouraged or motivated to
    stop using the Constitution to wipe shit
    from their asses.
    Prepping at all costs is not a strategy.
    It is a tactic of common sense, one of many
    effective tactics that are required.
    Moreover, prepping is just another way
    of referring to the sensible
    gathering of necessities for survival,
    which was the normal daily existence for
    all prior to the comforts created by the
    Industrial Revolution, and the consumerist
    sloth following the Second World War.
    What do I know?
    I'm just a hater.
    But I am a hater that knows
    how the above mentioned example
    is going to play out.
    And again, the many will waste time
    (and no effort) latching their outrage
    onto the unending crimes of America's
    rampaging traitors.

    cav med

  3. Ummm, stock up on shit sandwiches,
    the #1 go to food source for preppers
    and 'patriots.'
    Fecal matter and Wonder Bread, it does
    a body good.



    cav med

  4. "In May, her office announced an earmark of $25.2 million from the system’s taxpayer-funded coffers to help support a variety of programs that assist undocumented UC students".

    ... you're welcome snowflakes - this entitlement attitude needs to cease immediately! We are tired of this $hit.

  5. Burn it to the ground - with all the faculty and staff, and all their illegal "students", locked inside.

    They have long ago exceeded the bounds of true Christian "tolerance" and "mercy" -

    What they call "tolerance" is nothing of the sort; real Christian tolerance *requires* that the sinner(s) realize that they are doing evil, and that they are only being tolerated through our sense of Christian charity - Tolerance is the virtue of grace, such that, when the punishment for sin(s) would exceed the harm of the sin itself then, while the Judgement upon the sin remains valid, the punishment for the sin(s) is set aside as an act of Christian charity. Period. There is no other variety of "tolerance" - and Christian tolerance ends, the moment the sum total of the sins which have been "tolerated" exceeds the harm which a Just punishment would inflict upon the sinner.

    Additionally, "mercy" is a virtue which requires the reciprocal sense of gratitude - the legitimate purpose of mercy is to create gratitude in the heart of the sinner(s), which gratitude softens the heart of him who receives it; and thus mercy opens the possibility of reconciliation - both between the sinner and God, and between the offending person(s) and the community in which they live.

    But, when the enemy uses your tolerance and mercy against you, and you continue to be tolerant and merciful, to the destruction of your own virtue and the virtue of your society, then these cease to be virtues - to submit one's tolerance and mercy to systematic abuse is in fact a sin, when it crosses the line into facilitating the sins of those who take advantage of your tolerance without any admission of their evil, and your mercy without a sense of gratitude or desire for reconciliation.

    If your pastor is not teaching about the true nature of tolerance and mercy, please show him my words, and ask that he search his conscience, and if he finds them to be Right and True, then to preach and teach them to the entire congregation, for we are in a time which desperately needs Truth to be taught everywhere.

    And if you are attending a Church which teaches any other meaning or purpose for tolerance and mercy in the context of Christian theology, than that which I have presented above; then I urge you to seek a different place of worship; because to teach any other meaning or purpose for the virtues of tolerance and charity is false doctrine; and false doctrines are like roaches - where you see one, there are quite likely thousands.

    I don't usually sermonize, but I believe that these Truths need to be taught, and contemplated, by everyone who sees the fragile and valuable nature of our society, and the profound danger which we currently face. False teachings about "tolerance" and "mercy" are just one form of "the wolves in sheep's clothing" from which our society finds itself under siege.



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