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Friday, December 16, 2016

Seth Rich took the Vince Foster Tour of DC...

Check the ballistics between Rich and Foster.  Just sayin'...

The cries from the Marxists in America to hurt Russia over their 'meddling' in the US election is pure Shenanigans!  It is dangerous.  It 'could' lead to war, if the wrong people were in charge of the US.

We have claimed for many years the Marxists in America want WWIII to cover their tracks of generational theft and to usher in a new era of Marxism in America, murdering Liberty.  HRC & Co. had every intention of triggering that war once in office.  Now, they are desperately trying to ignite it as their microphones are being tuned out by the American people.

Trump is on the right path with Russia.  Even better, without a new World War, he might even hang a few of the Marxists and Banksters out to dry.

Here's the piece.

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