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Monday, December 12, 2016



White House moves to undermine victory...

Media try to delegitimize...

CNN HOST: Trump win a 'national emergency'... 

CONFUSION: Earnest says CHINA did hacking...

CIA pushes 'conspiracy theory'...


  1. The shooting will begin on 19 December.
    If you are in the presence of weapons
    while watching this, it may begin sooner.
    But make no mistake, it will begin on that
    day, as the communists, the treasonous uniparty, their quislings, SJW foot soldiers and illegal alien welfare state beneficiaries will not STOP.
    Run and hide posers.
    You caanot scapegoat and slither your
    way out of this fight anymore.


    cav med

  2. No, no, no.....
    I don't think they have the
    temerity to personally pick
    up a rifle on 19 December.
    We, the "patriot" descendants of the
    rebellious undersigned will
    have to do so.
    If it comes to that, and we fail
    to do what's required, then our
    only task remains to retreat into
    the shadows with the posers, grifters,
    snake-oil salesmen, WN's and statist shitbags.
    Of course, there is a possibility it does not
    play out this.
    As we know, numerous variables are in play and mathematics is a pure and reliable science.
    Currently, all the signs point to them stupidly going for broke with this course of action.
    Having failed to prevent the electoral college votes of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania from being voided, via their Stein proxy, and thereby throwing the Presidential selection into
    the laps of the uniparty Congress.
    These communist shitbags and treasonous whores refuse to stop (on anything).
    They just keep bouncing from one traitorous crime to the next.


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