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Sunday, January 29, 2017

45: Day Ten

This post will be updated as warranted throughout the day.

**UPDATE TWO** President Trump needs to CRUSH this Federal Judge and the entire premise that the Judiciary are the arbiters of what is 'Constitutional' and what is not.  We have said it from the first edition of 'Our Fathers Weep' and consistently since - Marbury v. Madison was a coup that must be crushed into the dirt forever.  Here's the piece.

**UPDATE ONE**  Because CBP are ignoring court orders, the first cries from the Leftists will soon be 'Here is the Authoritarianism we warned you about from Trump and his rising Brown Shirts!'  Wait for it...


Why are non-Americans around the world pitching fits about Americans closing their doors to some people?  What level of arrogance must be present for Germans or Brits or anyone else, to scold us for what we do, in our own interests?  Ah, yes - America First bursts their dreams of Globalism.

I get it.

From Merkel to Google, Enemies of Liberty are popping their heads into the sight glass like ground hogs begging for a face full of Fcuk You after a little whistle. Mark your range cards, kids... 

Trudeau welcomes those turned away by US!  How funny!  So, he will spend the Canadian Dollars raped from the Canadian people to 'welcome' Third Worlders who may want to bring down Western Civilization - of which Canada is peripherally a part!?  How long will Canadians tolerate this lunacy?  Who cares?  How many refugees from California will they take?  If need be, we can make Canada the 51st State after the purge...

Merkel truly doesn't get just how close her fellow Germans may be to physically dragging her from office and through the streets.

A 'Brit' named 'Khan' demands his nation's Prime Minister cancel Trump's visit?  Did he not see them holding hands in DC?  Did he not comprehend that she wants to be the next meat in a US-Britain Thatcher-esque sammich?  It is time for real Britons to understand just how deeply they have been penetrated and invaded, and fix that problem.  Start in London.

Priebus: 'We won't apologize for keeping America safe.'  Translation: Suck it.  We're going harder - stop us if you think you have the 'nads. We were elected to do a job, and that job is being done.

Real Politick - we told you that's how it would likely go.  Customs Agents ignoring Court Orders.

What is next?  Who knows.  It is ALWAYS the enemy who decides how you finish him in a fight.  If he offers his neck, don't waste time with an armbar!  Will 45 make the call to clear out the airports that are under siege by protesters?  Will he add travelers from Germany to the 'extreme vetting' Executive Order?  Will he be the first American President with the balls to backfist Soros for his unAmerican behaviors?  We shall see.  Unleashing Comey & Pompeo would run that Quisling fcuk to continue his anti-American behavior from offshore...

One fact seems in evidence - President Trump appears ready to defend his positions.


More throughout the day as warranted.

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