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Saturday, January 28, 2017

45: Saturday

What can I say - the man is working hard!

Civil War, anyone?  Here.  Make no mistake, any state in the republic that tries to withold dollars from FedGov - no matter what I may think of such transfers - will bring troops into their state with grim orders.

I said recently that President Trump could bring RevWarIII to America even faster than would have HRC - and this is one of the ways it could happen.  The people and politicians of California simply are not thinking about second and third-order consequences.  Fugg'em - those bastards are all about encouraging the power of FedGov so long as FedGov is doing their bidding against the rest of America.  The ground that is California may NEVER be surrendered by America - but those Leftist/Marxist fcuks living there can certainly be deported to a more 'agreeable' country.  They are NOT Americans.  (Heh - start marching those Leftist/Marxist/Liberal/Fcuks south into Mexico and see how fast the Mexicans pay for the wall!!!)

President Trump begins building the infrastructure for draining the swamp - here.

EU 'Leaders' vow 'Firm' response to President Trump.  First - ESAD - we've got his back, and you do not have the sack to Go Hard. Second - you 'EU Leaders' had better take the pulse of your voters.  You are ignoring their will.  Keep it up.  G'head, I double-dog dare ya. Think Mussolini dragged through the streets.  Just sayin'...

'Elections have consequences.'  Gads, I feel more satisfaction than I should using that phrase.  You'll recognize that phrase was originally the arrogance of Barack Obama.  Now, the worm has turned, as my uncle promised me was the way of the world long ago.  Now, a 'REAL' American President is going to undo many of the injuries we Americans have had to endure for generations at the hands of Progressives and Globalists in elected and bureaucratic offices.  You'll find reference to the 1965 Immigration Act in this piece by an idiot who claims that President Trump is acting illegally.  To which we Americans say: Elections have consequences, and now many, many un-American 'laws' will be undone - including the travesty that was the 1965 Immigration Act.

Suck it.

One early example of the effects of challenging the American people, and our duly-elected President: This idiot Sheriff in Texas is about to be unemployed.  Personally, I'd like to see him on the first boat/plane/train out of America, never to return.  

I want all of my readers to take serious, contemplative notice of this reality: This current American Revolution has been achieved WITHOUT resort to the 'Bullet Box' - at least thus far.  The next time you hear some Anarchist PoS denigrate the Founders, Framers and our Constitution, you remind them we have President Trump and a reversal of generations of Leftists/Globalist enemy actions against us going the other way today - without a single shot being fired.

Now is the time to strap your sidearm to your hip and put your rifle in your hands, while standing on your porch.  If this PEACEFUL shift in American policy is challenged with violence - we step off our porches to defend our Rights.  No more talk.  No more warnings.

The election of Donald Trump to the White House was our final warning to the Enemies of Liberty among us.

We have exercised every single peaceful option available to us to recover and preserve our Rights and Liberty.  Hell, we even tolerated 8 years of Muslim/Commie BS in the form of Barack Obama, without getting ugly.

If the Enemies of Liberty interfere with this PEACEFUL REDRESS - they leave only two options on the table for us: Liberty or Death.

And you Marxist/Leftist fcuks do not want us to take that decision.

That is all.


  1. I haven't decided if I find it disturbing or humorous that the left is using "III terminology" in their defiance of Trump's election. Example: Using the term "resist".

    I have decided to make government and politicians obsolete by living my life and IGNORING them...Here's to good friends, good food, good conversations.

    1. Turns out 'Resist' was offered to the III by Justin the misogynist 'Arctic Patriot' - which he stole from the tv show 'Fringe'. ;)

    2. Ha! Figures. Now where did I put that bottle of pear wine...;-)

    3. I likes me some pear wine...

  2. The treasonous shitbag Sheriff
    in Texas is a woman.
    There rule of law no longer exists
    in our Republic.
    The slight boost in morale created
    by the election of Trump does not change
    that fact.
    The dirt people are robbed, beaten,
    murdered, and imprisoned by fedgov for
    anything, everything, or nothing at.
    The elite laugh, go home, and order
    another child to fuck from their
    worldwide pedophile ring.

    cav med

    1. CavMed - I get your hostility on the cellular level.

      But here is the bottom line: Trump is better than Clinton, by orders of magnitude. He will give Liberty more of a chance than any other candidate who ran in 2016.

      But the rest is up to us. We will either use the canopy of limited protection he is able to provide - this small window of opportunity - or it will close.

      It has always been up to us - not our politicians. I know that you know that better than most.

      To this entire audience: Nowe is NOT the time to sit back and depend on politicians - now is the time to lean into the wind and back the play...


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