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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bring it...

It's Test season!  Our first Blue Belt test process is underway - and he'll nail it.  He's been training seriously since we opened the studio.  Even I am having to use more energy than I would like to keep him in check.  ;)  I 'never' use offensive techniques with any student before they have earned their Blue Belt - that would simply be inappropriate.  But once they earn Blue - a little bit of offense here and there is simply necessary to keep them in-bounds (and off your neck!)

We have 2 other students who will test for Blue this spring - and I am confident they will pass as well.  

One is a 15-year-old gal who, I can tell you from experience, would submit 99.8% of 'militiamen' I have met over the last 7+ years - without her heart rate ever breaking 70 bpm. 

Good for her - sad for the state of our 'American Militia'.

If you roll, you understand.  The ju-jutsu Blue Belt is hardly Black - but it is most definitely a milestone in every practitioners career.  Do you have any idea how many ju-jutsu students never even reach Blue?  It is sad - most drop out once they get a taste of just how much hard work is required to advance beyond White.  Forget Purple, Brown, and Black.  Among serious practitioners, achieving your first Black Belt is considered the beginning of your training - that moment when other Black Belts can trust you are ready to begin going hard - when they know they can work with you and probably not break you.

If you roll or train, you understand.  If you don't - you don't.

Patriots: I have hit on this since I began this blog - train in Combatives.  Find a Krav Maga studio and train seriously (at LEAST 5 classes per week) for 6 months.  You'll then be able to handle 99% of The Stupid out there.  Then add to your training with ju-jutsu (ground skills) and then Aiki-Jutsu.

I do not care how good you are with that handgun or rifle - you CAN be caught in a position with empty hands and no time (think Tueller) to employ.  If you can't stay alive or conscious long enough to clear leather and bring that spiffy piece of Tupperware (or if you are a real man, Browning 1911 or 1935 steel Goodness) into play, you risk EVERYTHING you hold dear to the whims of Evil Men.  Your position CAN be overrun.  You CAN be taken by surprise while fueling your truck.  You CAN be surprised by that sudden flashmob of genetic garbage while holding your baby in your arms at the mall.  You CAN face a LEO contingent while grabbing a gallon of milk at the grocery store.

As a friend reminds us often: You Have Been Warned.

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