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Monday, January 30, 2017

Heads on a Swivel, Patriots...

From Seattle to Tampa, the Marxists are grumpy.

Here's the clip from Seattle, calling for 'killing people' from a BLM piece of garbage.

Is this how you envisioned the first blows of RevWarIII?  Not me.  But hey, if it has to happen, bring it...


  1. Since 2009, I had envisioned the coming fight as Liberty/Constitutionalists vs marxist/islamists with the heavy lifting done by the .Gov.
    What a difference 8 years make.
    It is now looking like the commies will have to proceed forward without the force of the state to fill in their deficiency gaps such as firearms, battle planning, etc...
    Do they have the stones to pick a fight against a much better prepared and armed opposition?
    I suspect their perception of ideological superiortity and arrogance will disapear the second lead starts flying their way.

    We will one day soon, wake up to the news that the marxists pushed someone to far inviting a violent yet justified response.
    Sooner or later, every bully gets taught a nasty, unforgettable lesson.

  2. Tonedeaf - take a look back over the last 120 years - you can see that the Left has been using the islamists for at least that long. The USSR used to fund islamists in countries they wanted to destabilize and thus gain control over. It's a very simple formula:

    islam + funding = terrorism

    And terrorism destabilizes a nation politically, socially, and economically.

    The run-up to WW-I is instructional:

    The original objective of the communists was simply to break the Kingdom of Serbia away from the Ottoman Empire, and establish a socialist state: but they lacked the manpower and arms necessary to pursue such a goal, so they instigated the Serb Royalists into rebellion. Serbia and everything to the southeast had been a possession of the Ottoman Empire for a thousand years, but with the Bosnian Crisis (1908~9) and secession of Bulgaria (OCT 1908), Serbia became a sovereign protectorate of the Austrio-Hungarian empire, and then rapidly became an expansionist empire of it's own; clashing with the Austrio-Hungarians and Bulgarians, though it's internal politics never stabilized - Serbia was split three ways; between the Islamists, the Serb Royalists, and the Communists (who were allied with the communist factions in Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria to their north).


  3. But with Serbian expansionist actions 1904~1912, and the Tripple Entende (France England, and Russia) facing off against what became known as "the Central Powers" (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy) in a continent-wide Clash of Dying Empires, the communists plans grew into a design to involve the entire continent of Europe in a 'Great War' which would weaken all the empires of Europe, including Russia, such that they might undertake a continent-wide revolution, and transform the entire "Old World' into a communist society and government from the remains of the old empires.

    Thus did they suborn and promote the islamist group "the Black Hand" to undertake a series of terrorist actions culminating in the assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Now examine the Balkinization which the communists in America have been establishing since the 1960s - on the east coast, in the Boston to Washington DC coridor, and also on the west coast and in the upper midwest and into central Canada.

    In the east, The northwest suburbs of Washington DC are being transformed into a 'muslim enclave' as are the outter burroughs of NYC, and most of Boston; Baltimore, Philly, and New Haven/Bridgeport have likewise been transformed into 'black enclaves'; and the two seats of American power - Manhattan and Washington DC proper - are the two "Sarajevos" where the enclaves can easily clash and engender hot conflict.

    The parallels are erily similar, and this is no coincidence. And as with the events of a century ago, it will be we the non-partisans (non-communists and non-muslims) who will be caught in the middle, and who will suffer the greatest in terms of loss of life, loss of place, and loss of sustinance.

    The balkanization of the north-east and west coast are essentially complete, while the Balkanization of the upper midwest (and central Canada - specifically Toronto being turned into a muslim enclave) has been in overdrive since ~2009.

    Balkinization of the US southeast, Texas, and the Gulf Coast are slightly different, using Mexican and other Central/South American immigrants (legal and otherwise) in so-called "sanctuary cities", as the third point of the socio-economic triangle against the other two - blacks and whites - who in many Southern areas remain segregated soci-economically, even where there is not physical segregation by geographic boundaries. Yep, I just went there. Deal with it, it's the truth.

    The implications of such vigorous Balkanization across all the populous regions of North America are grim indeed - a new 'Great War' is being prepared specifically for us, by the same "usual suspects" who contrived both the first and second World Wars - the communists.

    Those who ignore history, are bound to repeat it.



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