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Thursday, January 19, 2017

O is Out - The Donald is In...

The world changes in hours.  Not, perhaps, as much as we would like - but certainly more than we dared hope.  Make use of the extra time.  

Put your faith not in Angels - bet on the Demons - they are coming right now.  Slay them all - mercilessly.

Some Demons are already among us.  Worry not - a few of us see them, and will take care of the trash.  We "will' perish in these opening waves of the war.  You must press the fight with utter ruthlessness.

This is 'It' - the war you have all contemplated and considered.  It is here - NOW!  The Trumpening is but a respite - strike NOW!

This is 'Good' versus 'Evil'.  This is 'The Fight'.  Hesitate, and you will lose.


If you have not signed your name to the petition for President Trump to pardon or commute the Hammonds - shame on you.


Our Fathers Weep - Kindle & Print

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  1. Tried to sign the petition but it's not there anymore. Must have changed with the transfer.


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