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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why have we never, ever heard of a single assassination attempt on George Soros?

Just read it - then answer the question in the title of this post.


Weigh in - then I'll give you the answer tomorrow...


  1. The left is about the Rule of Power, while the right is about the Rule of Law.

    The left believes in assassination as a means of removing their enemies, because it is a means to disrupt the hierarchy, giving them a chance to seize more power.

    The right patiently waits to legally vote for new leadership.

  2. The left perceives power to be the foundation of violence, and the exercise of violence to be the fulfillment of power's purpose - for them it is a close loop; where there is power there must be violence, and where there is violence there must be power.

    The (real) Right knows that power is most fully manifested, not in violence, but in restraint.

    We on the Right believe that order is an essential prerequisite to all that is "good", whereas the left only wants "order" to the extent that it restrains their enemies, while at the same time leaving themselves all the loopholes and excuses they want, to violate the precepts of order itself so that they can be "free".

    The righr believes in individual freedom and individual responsibility - as two sides of the same coin; but the left seeks every possible way to avoid responsibility, while obtaining as much "freedom" for their group as possible. Individuals, however, have no freedom other than the "freedom" to follow the group and stick to their script.

    Leftists assissinate "leaders" they dont like; we on the Right impeach leaders who violate the law.

    To a leftist, assassination is a political act; but to us it is an act of murder...


    1. Keep on piously congratulating,
      back slapping and high-fiving yourself,
      as unconditional defeat runs you down.
      The sanctimonious purity of conservatives, the right, and the patriot community, with
      their face saving excuse to explain away
      doing nothing is beyond tiresome.
      Moreover, it has reached the level of
      criminal defeatism and betrayal to
      our Constitution and Republic.
      To argue that we are better than our
      enemies, the communists, the treasonous,
      the "elected" traitors ruling in DC, the SJW's, and their foot soldiers of snowflakes and multigays, because they fight and are rude
      is a textbook lesson of how to lose.
      A strategy and tactics developed on the
      basis of how to be respectful, and be
      perceived and seen as respectful, by
      our enemies is a guaranteed defeat.
      The treasonous, the traitorous, the seditious
      and communist shitbags have been on
      the attack for decades, always gaining ground, always winning.
      Their strategy and tactics gives less than
      a fuck if our side views it as silly, ridiculous, antisocial, rude, crude, violent or disgusting.
      Have you been paying attention?
      Well, I have.
      Protest marches and gatherings
      are worthless, unless done by our enemies.
      Petitions are worthless, unless submitted
      by our enemies.
      The rule of law exists only for our enemies,
      which they pervert to escape punishment
      for their crimes.
      There is no equality of justice except
      that which we make.
      Trump is not a Messiah, but our side of
      the fence has remade him in that image.
      Without question, its just another excuse
      that is intentionally tailored as an escape
      hatch, an ejection seat, to safely scurry back
      from keyboard bravado.

  3. cav med, not anonymous, above comment.

  4. Cav Med, you and I agree on many things. But neither I nor any in my tribe are backslapping each other, nor thinking we've "won" anything more than a little bit of additional time to get our shit straight - to be ready for the coming fight.

    Trump is the lesser of two evils - where Hillary and *all* of her ilk were bent on taking the express lane to hell, Trump is content to take the slow lane... but the destination, such as it is, remains unchanged.

    And, that "sanctimonious purity" you seem to scorn is the only real and legitimate difference between those of us who love liberty for liberty's sake, and those who love power for power's sake.

    If our rights do not exist because they emanate from God, and are ours only because we have received the Image and Likeness of Him who created us, then all "rights" are arbitrary and revocable to such a degree that they are not rights at all, but priviledges to be given and revoked by the power of human government - which is the exact position of the leftists. In this there is no middle ground - you either affirm that rights are irrevocable because they come from God, or you affirm that there are no rights at all, only privileges which can be given *and* revoked at will by whatever men hold the reigns of power.

    The left believes that it has the right to give and revoke ALL privileges, even the privilege of life. Both assassination and abortion fall under this leftist maxim.

    This is why they defend abortion with such incredible vigor, and why they spend so much money to support and promote it - because abortion is a hallmark of their absolute power. As is assassination - a hallmark of their absolute worship of and obseisance to manifest power, without regard for any moral or social restraint.

    This is how the world dies.
    This is how the world dies.
    Not with a bang, but a whimper.


  5. I think you misunderstand.

    This is not backslapping self-congratulation. It is simple observation. The right operates within the law. If the law becomes voided because society has turned against law, the right will use all of its power to reestablish the Rule of Law. This may involve terrible, terrible violence and destruction.

    The law is the structure of society.

    1. The law has been wholly violated
      in America and it does not rule.
      At a minimum, this has been an
      incontestable fact for decades.
      The supposed "right" is not
      doing anything to reestablish
      that rule, or equality of justice
      with the law.
      They are nothing but a treasonous
      and criminal group that shares
      membership in the uniparty dictatorship
      entrenched in DC.
      "The right operates within the rule of law",
      don't make me laugh.
      Fuck those motherfuckers.
      Keep on down that losing path
      of challenging our enemies with
      respectability, and worrying about
      how they regard us as individuals,
      people, and a group.
      It is going to reap you grand benefits.
      I promise you.
      As for me, I will smile maniacally,
      shitting and pissing my pants, as
      I am lined up next to a roadside ditch.
      It will be a smile born of the smug
      satisfaction that I was respectful, in the
      face of mine enemies, upholding the principles of law and equal justice which
      was slaughtered long before me.
      Fuck those motherfuckers.
      The treasonous shitbag rodham walks free.
      The pedophile and rapist weiner walks free.
      The sharia law muslim terrorist huma walks free.
      The treasonous shitbag and sharia law muslim terrorist jarrett walks free.
      Should I go on?
      No, I won't.
      I don't have the time and the complete
      listing is volumes long.
      "The right will use all of it's power to
      reestablish the rule of law", bullshit!
      Fuck those uniparty motherfuckers!

      cav med

  6. Tolerance dwells in the man who has no conviction

  7. I am absolutely correct, and know
    without a doubt, that believes I
    am a macho asshole of bluff and
    bravado shit talking about wanting
    to fight.
    I don't want to fight.
    I have no choice.
    I want to be left the fuck alone,
    with my God given birthright of freedom.
    But they refuse to leave me alone.
    They persist in wanting me on my knees,
    as their slave, there whore.
    No, sir.
    They have left me no choice, but
    to have nothing but suffering to fill
    the remainder of my life.
    And for that, I am pissed off.
    I am angry and I hate them,
    for having forced this decision on me.
    They will reap it for having done so.

    cav med

  8. At a minimum, what I am pissing
    and moaning about works like this: Sen. Tom Cotton DESTROYS Chuck Schumer on Senate Floor

    cav med

    1. If being a beta cuck male, and pissing
      while you sit ain't your thing, ley Dave teach you how it's done.

      I don't give a fuck! My name is Dave! - Bikers for Trump at Inauguration Day


      cav med

  9. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/01/24/us/politics/trump-comey-fbi-director-.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share&_r=0&referer=http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-24/trump-has-reportedly-asked-comey-remain-fbi-director

    cav med


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