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Friday, January 20, 2017

Word of the Generation: Extirpate

“F--k Trump” and “Revolution or Death.”

“America was never great.”

Looks like a few of the WRSA Commentariat finally did some work - here.

An interesting note: These idiots were marching on 13th Street NW, at Logan Circle (DC's new Gay hotspot). There's nothing there to protest for this sort of rabble.  It is primarily residential, with a bit of neighborhood retail.  As the birdie flies it is just under a mile from the White House.  As the same birdie flies, it is about 1.75 miles from the Capitol - where the inauguration was happening.  

No international New World Order organizations to protest, no Capitalist Pig orgs in the area.  Any home or business they managed to damage would have most likely been politically sympathetic to their Marxist and Anarchist viewpoints, given that DC in general, and that area in particular, runs about 102% Leftist.  


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