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Thursday, January 5, 2017


He is not mucking around in our front yard; we are in his. - PJB, here.

Does anyone reading this post still believe that it was not HRC's intention to provoke the Bear into a fight that would have quickly gone global?

Trump may be unable to prevent that same outcome.  He is one man about to skipper a ship that is crewed by many, many sailors who do not agree with his course or heading. Many a monkey wrench can - and will - be thrown into the ship's systems.  Additionally, while he may be skipper of the flag ship - many other ships within his own fleet mean to thwart him - even if it means opening fire and attempting to sink the USS Trump.

It is now the duty of American Patriots to IFF any and all Enemies of Liberty who seek to advance Globalism and hinder our National interests.  It is now the time for Patriots to move quietly, covertly, with stealth and resolve, to extirpate those Enemies of Liberty.  Do not advertise your work - but if you are remaining on the sidelines now, you are wrong.



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