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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fools playing with Extinction-Level Possibilities...

There are far, far too many people in the world who want WWIII.

RAF intercepts Russian Bombers - a day after Putin tells pilots to prep for war.  Here.

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  1. There is far more going on here than most people are aware of. Those pushing for war have been making most of their efforts in the unseen realm of military posturing - both in the mid-East and in eastern Europe.

    I would wager that less than 1/10th of one percent of Americans even know that the US/NATO is currently engaging in "exercises" in multiple eastern European countries - right on Russia's doorstep in fact - which are purposely and materially provoking Russia to adopt a higher state of war readiness than has existed since the USSR ceased it's cold-war posturing in 1993.

    I would bet that even fewer Americans know that Russia ceased said posturing and 'war games' on the promise of then-president Clinton that the US and NATO would "not take one step towards the Russian border" by admitting any eastern-European nation into NATO - a promise which herr Clinton managed to violate seven times before surrendering the office, and which his successor, President Scrube (or is it "Shrub"), proceeded to violate another ten times.
    Not to be outdone (and lest someone think I practice political favortism), 0bama invited another dozen nations to join NATO in his tenure.

    In other words, Russia has ever reasonable cause to believe that the US/NATO has further aspirations towards her borders, because the last three American presidents have given such cause by their concupiscence and duplicity in the capacity of fulfilling the office - such as it has been fulfilled these last twenty years.

    One of Trump's greatest responsibilities - at least as I see them - is to demosntrably relinquish the active operation of military operations beyond the direct sphere of real and provable threats to legitimate "American Interests".

    And the interests of multi-national corporations are not synonymous with "American interests", as can be easily proven by the consequences of US forces protecting those corporate interests over the last 25 years.




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