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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Note to all MAGA & President Trump Supporters

If you are headed into a Fight Zone where the Other Side has demonstrated a willingness to sucker-punch, hit you with flag poles, and use chemical weapons against you, why on Earth would you go unarmed?  Worse - why would you go unwilling to defend yourself?


  1. Last night’s greatest moment
    of ironic hilarity is that the besieged
    smashed, trashed, vandalized,
    looted (they breeched the ground floor)
    and burned venue is the MLK Student Union, next to Sproul Plaza.
    There simply is not enough popcorn
    or time in a day.

    cav med

  2. Video of what the treasonous
    and whoring shitbags of state
    propaganda claimed that they heard
    vague rumors about, did not witness,
    and found impossible to verify last night.
    Regardless that numerours cameras
    and on-air state propaganda whores
    saturated the location where this
    was filmed; the MLK student union
    building where the program was supposed
    to occur.


    cav med

  3. Two more videos for educational analysis:
    The first, 15:12.

    The second, 14:04.

    cav med

  4. I just wanted to add,has anyone noticed this BS only happens in looney left territory. Why isn't anyone questioning the integrity of the police who are supposed to protect and serve? Don't get me wrong we have the hypocritical protesters here as well. The difference is here in the 603 they so far have been peaceful. I'm not a person that looks for trouble but if I see these payed thugs up here beating up women and defenseless students to intimate us! Let's just say this isn't cowardly California. We have reached the point of enough is enough. If the law will not protect us we WILL show these cowards what happens when you disturb the bee's nest. Stay safe and and always protect the dignity of our nation....603

    1. No help, no justice, no rule of law and order
      will be forthcoming from the SFPD.

      San Francisco Police Department Suspends Participation With FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force

      February 1, 2017 8:40 PM

      cav med

  5. It's alright.
    It's okay.
    Keep reveling in the holier than
    smugness of believing you are better than,
    more decent than, more respectful
    and proper than the treasonous rioting
    shitbags because you are a conservative
    and patriot.

    cav med

  6. From Twitter: mobile.twitter.com/nia4_trump/status/827332039334584320

    From Gatewa Pundit: VIOLENT FAR LEFT PROTESTERS Shut Down Conservative Gavin McInnes’s Speech at NYU
    IT HAPPENED AGAIN– Violent leftists shut down another conservative’s speech tonight.
    Gavin McInnes was scheduled to speak at NYU tonight.

    cav med


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