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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stop Worrying - BearDragon is No Threat!

Because the Dragon has no interest beyond her borders and the Bear still moves her troops by train!

Sorry folks, those arguments pervading the Liberty Sphere of dumbass bloggers are simply amateur hour.

Tyranny in general and Communism in particular always have global ambitions.

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  1. Team Bear-Dragon see themselves as the two top contenders, and are therefore very willing to work together to unseat the aging heavyweight champ.

    After the US is good and finally out of the way strategically and economically, they will -of course- engage in a few little regional wars to secure the resources they'll need (and maintain the "bloody sword" of hardened veterans necessary to keep a military culture strong), so as to play their roles as the two Superpowers of the 21st century.



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