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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Today's Forecast in the American Redoubt: Partly Cloudy

From my wife's kitchen window, 22 Feb - forecast - Partly Cloudy

Invasion is not an option.

Test the premise - come get some.

Many of us who have read and understand American History, especially the history of the Revolutionary War, know that the (paraphrased) quote: 'The revolution began long before the first shot at Lexington was fired' is accurate.

We also know that RevWarIII has been underway for several decades - and is only now reaching the point of serious first blood.

If you are an American Patriot of the III Percent bloodline, you know that the election of Donald Trump was a battle cry.

Back your play, Patriots.

We all die.  How we die, matters.

That is all.


  1. We still had 3' before the latest round of snow.

    I have been testing my cold weather/snow gear extensively this year. Glad we have had lots of -20 to 30s this year. NV works great in those temps, especialy with snow cover.

    1. I had a bit over 3 feet in my yard before the rain/warm-up began. But, as a few inches would melt, we'd get another overnight burst and add half of it back.

      I always - ALWAYS - prefer a rainy/snowy day to a day of sunshine. But even I have to admit, I'm ready for springtime. This has been one heck of a year in this AO for snow. The folks who have lived here for a long time all agree, it has been at least a decade since we've had this much snow.

      I'm not complaining, as I love to look out our windows and see rain or snow falling - but I am ready for spring. I don't think my snow shovel could handle another 6 weeks. ;)

      I think your bolt hole is even higher in altitude, and you catch a LOT of the moisture before it ever gets here, so I am certain every time you make it to the safe spot, you've got serious plowing to do before you can even get access.

      We have chosen good places to ride out the storms, as it were.

  2. Still trying to figure out the short growing season up there. MissV suggested underground greenhouses. I am figuring out how to do it without having tons of snow collapsing the roof/light inlet.

    I am lucky my neighbor has a tractor with snow blower. He keeps the driveway clear. It would be impossible to shovel that out as the house is at the back of the property.

  3. We are one inch less than 8' here at the Money Hole Farm :-), with snow to start again tonight and continue through Monday night. Springtime in the Rockies Gentlemen. :-)


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