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Monday, April 24, 2017

Analysis: President Trump's Best Chance - Saturday

President Trump has been sabotaged like no other President.  The media are relentless. The Left is playing their expected role.  It is the Establishment Republicans playing obstructionist games and the Deep State playing deadly-serious Globalist gambits that are the most damaging headwinds President Trump needs to overcome.

Saturday the 29th marks the 100th day of the Trump presidency.

It also marks the moment FedGov funding (parts of it, anyway) dry up.

He has potential leverage.  If the President simply refuses to sign any spending legislation that does not include full repeal of ObamaCare (fugg the 'replace' part of the equation), financing for The Wall, de-fund Planned Parenthood, and finance 'extreme vetting' immigration standards - he's got a chance to backfist significant portions of his enemy base and put many of them into unwinnable positions for their 2018 campaigns.

The risk: The power play works both ways.  Congress could try to muster the votes to over ride his veto.  If he aligns too many enemies by demanding things they can find common ground upon - they might just backfist him instead.

The equation: President Trump is already being handled, manipulated and shut down. 

Assessment: WTF does he have to lose?

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