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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bannon, NSC, & Leftist Spin

The Establishment Media is calling Bannon's move from the National Security Council a 'demotion'.

Go to CNN, HuffPo, MSNBC, et cetera - you'll see how they are spinning it. 

The reality is simple - political operatives were never meant to be on the NSC.  This is an adjustment, not a 'demotion'.  

Do not misunderstand me - there is a LOT of info coming from the Trump administration that worries me very deeply.  I see at this moment he is being obstructed and, I fear, being hammered into Establishment positions.  I know he is waiting for Gorsuch to be approved to SCOTUS before he challenges the immigration foolishness - but beyond that we will simply have to wait and see.

President Trump is the guy we sent to fix things.  He is the outlier.  He is facing headwinds from the Deep State and Establishment that would crush mere mortals.  Give him support.  Give him praise.

Yet the moment he caves, withdraw your love immediately.


  1. Rick Perry to fill National Security Council vacancy left by ousted Trump strategist Steve Bannon

    The rule of law and equality
    of justice is long dead!
    No offense, but it's insane to
    believe he can change anything.
    His sole purpose was
    to prevent that treasonous shitbag
    rodham from winning.
    And by succeeding in that endeavor,
    Trump prevented the streets from
    being flooded with blood, for the moment.
    There is no Constitutional government
    with law abiding representatives working
    for (and respecting) the interests of citizens.
    It's a wholly corrupted criminal uniparty of
    treasonous shitbags.
    They commit crimes.
    And nothing happens.
    They rape children.
    And nothing happens.
    They lie, cheat, and steal
    to become multi-millionaires.
    And nothing happens.
    No of them are arrested.
    No of them are imprisoned.
    No of them are punished with death.
    Fuck them all.

    cav med

  2. Not that it matters.
    However, democratic wing of
    the treasonous dogshit Uniparty
    is not going to filibuster the
    Gorsuch nomination.
    They know that the GOPcuckers
    don't have the 60 votes required
    to confirm Gorsuch,
    regardless that the republican wing
    of the treasonous dogshit Uniparty
    controls the House, the Senate, and
    the Presidency.
    McConnell is not even certain
    that he can gather the 51 votes
    needed to confirm Gorsuch, if the
    nuclear option is used.
    You stumps never learn.
    Grease your eye sockets, you are
    going to be grudge skull fucked again tomorrow.

    cav med

  3. Game on!


    cav med

  4. Suck it Dirt People.
    Grease your asses and eye sockets some more.
    Revel in the idiocy of your Trump Presidential
    election win.
    You cowardice nd false bravado are greatly
    You worthless mutts.

    "There Are Dead People In The Street" - Truck Rams Into Crowd In Stockholm "Terror Attack": Live Feed: zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-07/there-are-dead-people-street-truck-hits-crowd-stockholm-live-feed

    cav med


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