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Thursday, April 27, 2017

President Trump Busting NAFTA Balls...

We knew the moment he readied the order to pull from NAFTA that it was merely a negotiating tactic to get them to the table and at an immediate disadvantage.

He allowed them (the Canadians and Mexicans) to save a bit of face by telling us that they 'convinced' him to wait on pulling the trigger until they could sit and negotiate.

Underestimating Donald Trump is the worst mistake his political enemies can make.  

He's doing more of the same with Obamacare, immigration and more.  We'll have to wait and see if any of it works, or if he goes to the center.  He has busted NAFTA Balls today - let's see how successful he is with Healthcare Balls, Korean Balls, Chinese Balls, et cetera.

Here's the piece.


  1. There goes Trump - he's using the word "fair" more frequently as time goes on. Soon, he'll bucke to the leftists entirely and be using the "fair share" meme on everything from healthcare to welfare to immigration quotas.

    Trump is failing to fulfill his mandate, IMHO. He's conceeded several essential battles already, and the statists are gaining traction in his mind and in his policies day over day. So much for "the ballot box".

    And with his caving in to the capricious judical restrictions on his immigration orers [a sphere over which the President has absolute authority, BTW], neither has Trump reigned in "the jury box" as he ought to, as a function of his office.

    And after nearly two decades of internet-powered ubiquitous commentary regarding the dangers to our society posed by expading government intervention in every aspect of our lives, "the soap box" has well proven itself utterly worthless.

    What's left? Yeah, that last box, which all sane men dread, and which most will utterly refuse to even consider, until its too late even for that.

    Go ahead, get comfortable and make some popcorn - the Trump vs. Establishment circus is in town. Enjoy the show while it lasts.

    Ultimately, like it or not, we all know what the outcome will be...


    1. I continue to hold out hope that he is playing the long game ala 'Art of the Deal'.

      Does he end up at his preferred destination and outcome with his current course? I don't know. I hope so. But I'd be more comfortable with him taking a public stand, berating Ryan and Company, and fighting.

      it 'looks' like he is allowing the Establishment obstruct him and the Deep State to manipulate him. I 'want' to believe he's not folding - but I am not sanguine he's going to hang tough and go hard.


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