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Monday, April 3, 2017

Putin: Statesman of our Time?

PJB highlights the recent Hillsdale College piece, here.

Putin is no Lenin or Marx - but he will use those remnants to achieve his true goal, which is the security of his posterity.

America, as she stands in the world today, is a problem for Putin's goals.

Vlad handles his problems.


  1. Putin is a traditionalist, an ethno-nationalist, and utterly unapologetic about it. Sure that's part of his gig.

    But I think, if it were narrowed down to just one thing that earns Putin his popularity, it is that he has reliably and firmly discplined the plutocrats, thieves, and inevitable retenue of cronies and social miscreants --both within and without the Russian government -- such that the Russian People have a restored faith in the decency of their government.

    "Decency in government" - that inestimable virtue which, when America held it firmly, made our nation able to bear up under any challenge; to answer any demand from without or within, and to prosper at each and every turn.

    But as Putin has renewed his peoples' faith in the decency of their government, the governments of the West have been eroded to the point where we just assume that "it is what it is" and pray that we are not personally sullied by it.

    Or, in other words, we as Americans have surrendered to the indecency in our own government, and thus become part of the problem.

    That Europe went before us is no excuse - on the contrary, it presents even greater cause for us to have seen the errors we were making, and to bear witness to the slipper slope unto which we were indulging ourselves without proper concern (or any concern at all).

    While every whiny, bitchy little SJW in the West squeals with derrision about "fairness" and it's absence in the carbuncle which remains of Western culture; Putin has restored a real measure of "fairness" to the Russian people, at least as much as any government can do so. And in that, Putin has *already* won major battles. He has earned the trust of his people, and that is why they will support him, even when the short-term appearances are against him.

    Putin has washed himself and his nation of the 'Underdog' Rusian status, even as all the politicians and bureaucrats of the West have been rolling and reveling in such filth, and THIS is the lasting legacy which Putin has already carved for himself... the victory which cannot be denied him: the victory of driving towards "simple decency" in high places.

    Putin knows to whom he owes allegiance, which is a heck of a lot better than I can say about any American (or nearly any European) politician of the last two decades. Let us pray that he never forgets his allegiance, to God and to the Russian people - for these are the firmest foundation upon which any national leader can set foot. And may we be so lucky as to have a leader who obtains unto the same clear understanding of his allegiance, as well.


  2. Flash from Drudge: bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-04-05/bannon-removed-from-national-security-council-role-in-shakeup

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