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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spartan III Personal Defense Weapon

The Spartan III Keychain PDW (Personal Defense weapon) is now available from III Arms!

Made from 6061 Aluminum, the Spartan III is always within reach as your keys are in your hand. Just slip your fingers through the eye slits, putting the top of the helmet in your palm, then strike hard, strike deep, and strike repeatedly!

The bottom prongs of the helmet are ideal for striking at the eyes, as your attackers nose will serve as a guide to a direct hit.  The 'prongs' are each 2.5" long, allowing for serious and debilitating penetration.

This is an impact defensive weapon.  There are no sharp edges.  Just thrust into your attacker's eyes, neck, ribs, or any other soft spot, and watch him drop.


5" Tall
3" Wide
.125" Thick

Keychain hardware included.

Available in black or 'in the white' to allow the finish of your choice.  The aluminum takes Duracoat and Cerakote finishes well.  **Note** In the white units will have extrusion marks and minor blemishes/scuffs until you finish with a coating, or polish.

III Stars logo engraved on every unit.

Next time you go to an Antifa or BAMN gig - take your keys!

Spartan III PDW

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