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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Nails it.


Krikorian, too.  Here.


  1. Refusing to build the wall is single most inflamatory thing Fed.Gov has done... well, recently. Simply because of the number of people who expressly voiced their opinions and voted [for Trump] because they wanted that wall... ALL OF IT. AMONG MANY OTHER THINGS.

    When people start taking things into their own hands, responding directly to the wave of criminal activity by illegals [and quasi-legals] which our country presently suffers from, I will not be the least bit surprised.

    The unfortunate fact is that, demographically, it is the legal, peacable, and productive immigrants who are hurt the worst by these rapists, murderers, and drug-runners - who are well known for preying upon other immigrants; the other half of this misfortune is that these same peacable, productive immigrants are the least likely to 'police their own' and control the problem because, "don't rock the boat" is the first law of being a 'good' immigrant.

    So, do I have an excess of sympathy for them? Not really. They have an obligation to weed out the bad apples amongst them, just as anyone else living in 'Merika does.

    Hey, they want the 'future that America promises' for themselves and their posterity, right? Well then, they ought to purge themselves of their troublesome fellow expatriots... by any means necessary.

    Contracts require enforcement - especially 'Social' ones, dammit.

    If our parents and grandparents hadn't forgotten this simple and essential fact, we wouldn't be in this mess.

    And until we remember...clearly... and start acting upon that premise, we're not going to recover as a nation and get back on course.

    Don't like that proposition? Fuggya. My country is not a ball of playdoh for you to mold to your heart's desire - and every time you try to rewrite some portion of our 'Social Contract' you love to hate so much... you're just pissing off more people like me, who are increasingly willing to dispose of you like the mortal enemies which you are.

    Want the real America back? Then quit bitchin about whose fault it all is, and get to work fixing something. Because,
    'Broken remains broken,
    until you fix it...'


    1. Sadly, we are at least 3 generations removed from an American populace that has ever had to man-up and face the harsh realities of the world. It may have been the WWII generation - the men went and fought, the women stayed here and worked in factories and kept the families together.

      Since then, we haven't had even a significant percentage of our countrymen who ever needed to worry much about existential issues. Jobs were plentiful, food was plentiful and cheap, best medical care in the world, without any interference from .Gov.

      Very few people among us today can even conceive of the hardships faced by our grandfathers, and their fathers. We are now a nation of snowflakes, welfare sluts and people who are quick to criticize, yet produce nothing tangible.

      A very necessary purge of genetic waste is headed our way...


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