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Friday, May 5, 2017

History Repeats

"First come the marches and demonstrations. Then the assertion of the right to civil disobedience, to break the law for a higher cause by blocking streets and highways. Then comes the confronting of cops, the smashing of windows, the fistfights, the throwing of stones – as in Portland on May Day.

And, now, the shouting down of campus speakers.

The rage and resentment of the left at its rejection in 2016 are palpable. Sometimes this fever passes peacefully, as in the “Cooling of America” in the 1970s. And sometimes it doesn’t.

But to have crowds of left and right coming out to confront one another violently, in a country whose citizens possess 300 million guns, is probably not a good idea.

RevWarIII - or CivWarII if you prefer - is imminent, unless 'Patriots' continue to lie back and think of England.

1 comment:

  1. And what has the Police State
    not done, that is not deserving
    of confrontation (and much more)?

    cav med


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