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Thursday, May 4, 2017

House Passes ObamaCare 'Repeal'

Banner: I love HuffPo.  They produce some of the best comedy online.  

But they, and the Leftists, are correct to call the new bill 'TrumpCare' (versus a 'repeal') - because he now owns it.  No matter what, there will be unwinding issues that carry into the next 2 election cycles.  You can count on the Rs losing the House in 2018.  Not that it matters any longer - Hell, Paul Ryan could switch parties and do just as well for the Ds as he is doing right now.

But the 'replace' remains Socialized Medicine.


Now we'll see if the Senate deliberately monkey-wrenches it...


  1. Democrat politicians betray their country but stay loyal to their base. Republicans betray both.


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