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Friday, June 30, 2017

Antifa scores in Portland

Joey Gibson apparently fired from his job due to Antifa.  I do not give a flying fiddler's fcuk about 'Joey Wilson', nor do I know anything about him - except that he is anti-Antifa.  And the Antifa crowd just took him down.  This is simply about tactics and strategy - theirs works.

This is why they will win.  They are willing to do what 'Patriots' are not.  Hell, we won't even clean our own houses of traitorous brown shirts, much less take the fight to the enemies of Liberty in real space/time.

Their tactics work, because we refuse to push back...


  1. You lose because you are nazi fuck with no real friends

    1. When it comes down to it...your "friends" will eat you...Commie P.O.S.


  2. If the communists, multigays, SJW’s
    and safe-space snowflakes had
    shown up to desecrate graves and
    monuments at Gettysburg, this is
    where they would have found
    their opposition: A handful of demonstrators were in the First Amendment fenced areas of Gettysburg National Park Saturday July 1 amid a heavy police presence outside the fenced areas. (Christine Vendel | cvendel@pennlive.com)

    Y’all are beyond fucking worthless.

    cav med

  3. Have at it (you fucking jokes) patriots!
    Whine about the “stage” fedgov did
    not provide for you to stand upon
    in the (fenced in)
    First Amendment/Free Speech Zone.
    And upon the Gettysburg Battlfield,
    of all places.
    The ironic wortlessness does not escape, but
    I’m certain it does all of you.
    By the way, the supposed “Great Satan” network of RT/Russia Today did bother to
    visit with their cameras and broadcast live.


    cav med

  4. "Another member wore a hat with a button featuring a photo of President Donald Trump with the words, "America's Trump Card."
    The small group gathered within a large fenced area north of Meade's Headquarters along the west side of Taneytown Road. They brought a megaphone, still in its box, and two camping chairs." cvendel@pennlive.com

    Own it, you stupid mutts.

    cav med

  5. I am a Tier 2, Tier 1, door kickn',
    trigger pullin', life taking, CQB, Ranger,
    Recon Marine, Blue/Green operator.
    I have a bushy beard and swoopy tactical gear,
    clean, unblemished, and fresh outta the bag,
    My skilled fighter and professional soldier persona is topped off with the really cool "helmet" I think a DEVGRU, Green Beret or
    Delta Operator likely wears.
    I am a Tier 2, Tier 1 Operator and I kick ass!


    cav med

  6. Speaking the word inside the free speech
    zone at Gettysburg yesterday.
    SGM John "Slim" James May,
    Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry, CO D - 2 BN, Pennsylvania.


    What a joke.

    cav med

  7. It doesn't matter if he was fired or if he quit (as he claims). I doubt that this a loss. He is a broker, who has apparently been working with private investors.
    The real estate firm can't operate if their comms are being trolled via phone, email, or bad reviews online. Staying there would have cost him and the brokerage money.
    So it makes sense for him to "start over" and maybe it "looks" like a win for leftists.

    However, any of his clients who didn't like his politics would have already left him before now. Those who remain are loyal, will be harder to identify, and less likely to be further targeted by leftists unless/until it becomes obvious that he is still successful.
    By working as his own broker, he will have more privacy, more flexibility, and will likely make more money. The important part will be protecting his new business (especially his comms) from the same trolling. Keeping business quiet, and using uninteresting corporation names would go a long way to his future success. At some point, provided he has made the proper adjustments and precautions, an appropriately built website and a smart advertising campaign could make it obvious that he is still successful, while driving the leftists bat shit crazy again. Remember, they can't get him fired from his own company.

    This is the nature of the beast, and we should all work to ensure our businesses are at least as resistant if not more resistant than what Joey Gibson had.


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