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Friday, June 30, 2017

Keep an eye on Portland Tonight

Looks like a ruckus is brewing in Portland, beginning this afternoon.

Be ecologically sound - plant an Antifa...


  1. Eugene is having their commie a thon tomorrow.

    1. Are you wading into those waters? Go heavy if you plan to go...

  2. Not planning on it. But if things go sideways I might get my feet wet.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be the coordinated Soros resistance at a city near you m

  3. "Not planning on it. But if things go sideways I might get my feet wet."

    Same here - Raleigh/Durham have planned commie-thons this weekend. I generally ignore them, but if they go over the top I may have to go do a rain dance for them...

  4. Stay safe, guys. By design, I'd have to drive at least 90 minutes before I could possibly cross swords with Commies - that'd be Spokane. And it simply isn't a hotbed of Antifa. And those silly fcuks would never, ever drive here... Again, by design.

  5. Aaaaaaaaand it's on.

    Predictable. Antifa can't leave anything alone, even a prayer group. Their demonic urge to continuously pump up the volume of their [false] virtue-signaling has sped past the stage of 'simply ridiculous' and penetrated deep into the truly obscene...

    All I can say is that, "they're gonna get theirs" - whether from the Popo, or from a bunch of angry men who just won't tolerate their violence any more. That'll be an interesting day, indeed.

    Bloodshed is inevitable, because the leftists heed no lesser warning. We witnessed this repeatedly in the 1960s. And if things have changed at all, it is because they have gotten worse, not better.

    I started warning, back in 2013, that we were coming due for another Kent State moment, and I will be amazed if we make it through this summer without seeing such come to pass.

    The big question is, will such a 'Kent State Moment' today have the same "Cooling of America" effect as witnessed in the summer and fall of 1970? Or has the depraved rage of the Left grown to such a scope and degree, that such a public bloodletting will only spur them on to escalate the violence further with acts of revenge-in-kind?

    'Get off the line of attack' is always good advice. Always.


  6. Make no mistake Gentlemen, a war is coming. We all know it.
    Get your preps in order, get any training you lack but most of all, get right with God.


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