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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ha! 'TOR is safe! Also - Use Offshore email to fool the Feds!" And more Stupid...

The Tor network, which anonymizes web traffic, was developed for persecuted activists, charitable groups and journalists to communicate without fear of reprisal from oppressive governments. 

Really, it says so.  It must be true.  Here's the link.  So, you too can cruise the dark web in complete freedom and anonymity.  This is called creative marketing aimed at The Stupid among us all.

TOR was created by the US Naval Research Lab and further developed by DARPA - to protect US Intel Comms.  If you do not believe the manufacturer has backdoors, you really should not breed.  Offshore email servers are not invisible to US .Gov eyes.  While USG would never need to be so crude - put a pistol to the head of an 'offshore' email service, or put a pistol in his daughter's mouth - he'll surrender every key to the kingdom.

Everything digital is theirs if they want it.  

Silly rabbits.

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  1. The world is full of silly rabbits... that's why communism continues to garner so much 'popular support' among the masses...


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