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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Keep Trumpin'...

Celebrity Meltdowns...


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  1. Heh, they'll whine and b*tch about this forever... but the fact is that homosexuals and "transgendered" people are not, prima facie, qualified to be in the uniformed services. Period.

    They have a mental illness which demonstrates itself in 1) their somatic nacissism: their obsession with their sexual identity, both internally and externally; and particularly the response they're able to obtain by imposing said "identity" on others. This behavior naturally generates a lot of social friction, and is thus utterly incompatible with the close quarters/no privacy enviroment required of soldiers, sailors, and Marines; 2) their emotional instability, which results in their unreliability when dealing with stressful situations - and high stress levels are a constant companion to those serving in uniform.
    Put plainly, gays and "transgendered" individuals break down and freak out over things which normal civilians would just deal with and keep doing their job, so how can they 'Step it up a few notches" to deal with the stress levels common to uniformed service?

    The answer is, "They can't." And that is why, regardless of the $$$ cost; the cost associated with letting abnormals into the military, in terms of unit effectiveness, cohesion, and morale, is unacceptably high.

    Women shouldn't be serving in combat roles (for entirely different reasons), but they still shouldn't.

    None of this is rocket science - if less than 1 in 5 *normal* American men can make it through the bare minimum requirement of Army or Marine Corps basic training to serve in uniforn, then it is NOT discriminatory to say that gays and trans- persons absolutely cannot qualify... it called "Maintaining a Reasonable Entry Qualification Standard" -- and our armed forces are OBLIGATED to do so, in order to remain effective in their duty and purpose.

    Or, put bluntly: You can't have soldiers running around in -Hello Kitty- underwear.

    Fuggem'. They have the right to choose being freaks and skeeves; but they do not have the right to avoid the consequences of being freaks and skeeves.

    Yeah, I just said that.
    You can quote me on it, too.
    Let the outrage begin -- it's damn funny.


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