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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oath: A very serious word...

  1. 1.
    a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behavior.

In the Patriot community we hear a lot about oaths and vows.  We hear a lot of people calling one another 'my brother', with the stated or implied underlying oath to die in battle with them or for them on behalf of Liberty.

Many of us have taken several oaths in our lives.  When we signed-up for the services is the one most Patriots refer to when in discussions on FB and blogs.

Now consider: How many of your 'brothers' have broken oaths?  Not merely promises - but oaths in which God was asked to bear witness.  For instance: How many divorces does your 'brother' or 'sister' - or do you - have?  How many times has he or she, or you, cheated outside the marriage?  How many times have you seen your 'brother' or 'sister' - or yourself - make a pass at a married person, inviting and inciting that person to break their own vows?

In my world, everyone is entitled to one divorce without being judged too harshly.  Maybe the ex turned out to be batshit crazy, or a cheater, or the two of you simply found out after the initial sex-haze cleared that you weren't a good fit.  Whatever.  The point is this: Most people have failed in their oaths because they took a bad decision. They made an oath that should have never been made. Choose wisely.

Once is a mistake.  More than once is a pattern.

If your 'brother' has a pattern of broken oaths, broken promises, or thinks bedding married women is sport that carries no moral burden for him - your 'brother' is not a good person.  

Why would you ever believe any oath or promise he offers you?

Liberty is only suited for a just and moral people.  Everyone else is part of the problem.

Think about it...


  1. My favorite post...Truth of Wisdom


  2. I have maintained that those who use the words "brother" "family" and "heart" the most; are the ones that understand them the least.


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