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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Obstructionist Congress

The simple reason President Trump's campaign promises are not being kept is because the Republicans in Congress do not want him to succeed or his promises to be kept.

It is that simple.

Too many Republicans fall into the category of Deep State/Establishment Enemies of Liberty.

All the rabble-rousing talk over the last 7 years that Republicans would demolish ObamaCare has been proved to be simply hyperbole.  Establishment Republicans LIKE bigger government.  When push comes to shove, they have PROVEN they will stall, obfuscate and obstruct any serious dismantling of .Gov power.

Two wings of the same bird, as we have all known for a long time.

But now they are on full display as power-hungry men who mean to be Masters.

They will happily lose control of the House and Senate in 2018 so they can throw up their hands and blame the 'scandals' of the Trump presidency for their inability to make 'meaningful reform' - while the Dems take the spotlight of the obstructionist party.

President Trump is being hog-tied by the Establishment.  Unless a serious, seismic shift occurs in the next 120 days, the Dems will take either (perhaps both) the House and Senate, and the coup against President Trump will be complete.  He'll be a 1-term president, and history (written by the victorious Establishment) will brand him and his supporters, and their policies and beliefs, as failures.

Counsel to the President: Ask Pence for his resignation, and appoint Mattis to VP.  He's the one person in Washington the Establishment fears more than President Trump - they'll never impeach if Mattis is next in line.

Then call out every Establishment PoS from the Rose Garden.  Tell America how they have stalled and obstructed.  Go down swinging.  Refuse to sign ANYTHING they send - budgets included.  Force them to over-ride all your vetoes.  If President Trump can serve any purpose at all - he can force every PoS Establishmentarian to step into the light.

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