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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

III Arms Push Dagger

This is Prototype #2 - how badass is our Chief Engineer?!

We've made the aluminum knuckle unit thicker, to .5".  The shaft is .25 steel.  We also made the finger holes a bit larger.

Don't worry about the finish - we hit this one with a quick coat of Rustoleum, just for the sake of it. Production units will be Duracoated, and available in several colors.

There are a few small tweaks we are going to integrate, but we'll be in full production soon. Our unit is not an identical replica.  We've made a few improvements.  

Sheath: Will be Kydex - unless we can find a suitable pouch on the market from Rothco or Condor, etc.  If you are a sheath-smith and want to collaborate, drop us an email - K@IIIPercent.com.

Contest: CavMed and Andy have claimed units 1 & 2.  They got close enough to win.  
Our #3 production unit will be awarded to the Patriot who can tell us specifically what WWII unit or organization was issued these push daggers, AND send us a picture of an original.  

Yes, an original pic is available online.

Good luck!

**PS: Let us know if you and/or your team would be interested in a down & dirty edged weapons course to complement our Combatives & Garrote courses.


  1. My best guess is that the original
    is the Robbins Dudley design
    made for British soldiers during WW I.
    I am not competing for the win, just
    having fun sleuthing this.


    cav med

  2. I'm unable to send an e-mail to K@lllPercent.com
    What characters did you use for the lll?



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