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Thursday, August 3, 2017

McMaster has to go...


While the circle-jerkers jerk, the war is on...


  1. Trump needs to invite McMaster to a press briefing and ask him to respond to why he is firing the pro Trump guys. When McMaster steps up to the mike, Trump needs to do his impression of Al Capone. Batter up!
    That will send an unmistakable message to the commie traitors.

    1. Agreed. The President *MUST* begin breaking his foot off in arses - from the West Wing to Capitol Hill to the Press Room, or he will lose every advantage.

      He needs to veto everything until he gets what he wants. He needs to openly threaten Establishment & Obstructionist R's that he will actively seek their defeat in the mid-terms if they don't get aboard right now. He needs to fire EVERYONE who was a holdover from the Obama years - and if Washington grinds to a halt, so be it.

      As it stands now, the Establishment and the D's will take either the Senate or the House in '18 - and that is the end of Trump. He has nothing to lose by going hard.


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