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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Now, the Founders must go - that didn't take long...

**UPDATE**  Vice calls to 'Blow Up' Mt. Rushmore...here.

**UPDATE**  A CNN attorney is hunting Founders...here.

**UPDATE**  Daily Caller: Time to blow up Mt. Rushmore...here.

A pastor in Chicago has become the first call for removing George Washington from the city.

Here's the piece.

Of course, the anarchist idiots will cheer for such moves as part of their 'The Constitution was a scam from the first day' and 'I never signed the damned thing' mantra of stupidity.  

Some people simply want to see the world burn.

Raze Monticello?  Burn Mount Vernon?  How many statues and landmarks must there be in the Boston area to John Adams?

Turn Gettysburg into a trash dump?

Burn the entire towns of Lexington & Concord and designate them 'We're so sorry' landmarks?

As we all know this is not about statues - it is about erasing our history, destroying our culture to be replaced by the culture of the Left.  The Leftists - the 'real' and organized core Left who pay the bills (not the idiots out there tearing down statues) has realized just how soft and non-confrontational, how uncommitted, how cowardly, is the 'Right' in America. They watched it with the Confederate flag, they took more ground with Confederate statues and icons, and sensing weakness, they are going for broke to the heart of their mission - the very foundation of our culture of our revolutionary period.

It is rightfully said the revolution was well underway before the first shots at Lexington rang out.

History is repeating, right now.  The Leftist revolution is well underway, reaching critical mass.  I dare you to look objectively at what is happening across America right now, and tell me how sanguine you are that Liberty wins this time.


  1. No worries.
    Tit for tat.
    I know how to burn shit down.

    cav med


      This is the answer...

  2. Here's an odd one. You probably heard Trump refer to the ANTIFA tards as "Alt Left", but there really IS an Alt Left, as far back as 2015, apparently. Sounds like a faction of white lefties are tired of being ethnomasochists... LMAO


  3. It appears to be the bow knuckle piece
    for a new design of trench (combat) knife.

    Trench knives, aka 'knuckle knives', were created for use in close quarters combat, during W.W.I, when the fighting was taking place primarily in the trenches. Trench knives are important weapons for a style of warfare that depended on overtaking an enemy’s trench line. Both the Allied and Axis forces continued to use them during W.W.II and improved on the
    original design.

    cav med

  4. Brass (Steel) Knuckles??

    Dee Jay

  5. Reckon this could happen here?



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