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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Republicans playing defense in August recess

The title of the piece from the Hill makes it sound like 'The Republicans' are a unified group - unified in ideology and goals.

Nothing is further from the truth.

McConnell and Ryan and many, many others are merely running out the clock until President Trump is completely neutered.  The 2018 races begin, in earnest, in just 2 months.  The anti-Trump forces will run against him, against his 'failure to deliver', and his 'criminal collusion' with Russians and snaligasters and evil gnomes.

If he can't get the wall, can't repeal ObamaCare, can't get tax reform - he has failed.  That will be the narrative, and that narrative is being put into place by McConnell, Ryan, et al.

The R's 'ARE' playing defense - but not against the D's.  They are playing defense against the President and his policies, and the millions and millions of Americans who voted for him.

Your enemies - the enemies of Liberty - have identified themselves.

What are you going to do about it?

Lie back and think of England?

**Update** Pat Caddell“Look at what the Senate did. It didn’t even recess so he could appoint recess appointments. That’s what the Democrats would have done. All these positions he can’t move through the Senate, he could have appointed them the day they recessed. But they made sure he couldn’t. They stayed in session, technically.”

He is balls-on accurate.  A friendly R Senate would have recessed (it is entirely in their power) so President Trump could appoint people and policies.

They chose not to do so.

Enemies of Liberty.  I hope you are keeping notes, Patriots.

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