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Monday, August 14, 2017

Tiki Warfare

OK - I have to admit I laughed aloud watching the Tiki Torch Warriors the other night.  It was such an epic fail that humor was the only salve I could find.  

Hint: If you ever find yourself in a physical fight and your primary weapon is a tiki torch here are your best options:  First, set the other dude on fire.  Failing that, drop your torch and find a real weapon or close the gap and go to work.  Or run.  But you just look like a thoroughbred 'tard from somewhere in Panhandle, Texas trying to fight while swinging a tiki torch like a baseball bat, as strands of bamboo streak through the air like a rhythmic gymnast's ribbon.

I have begged and pleaded for years for Patriots to go to a serious dojo and train.  This embarrassment at UVA is what happens when Patriots fail to train.

Rules for fighting with a staff weapon - be it a jo, bo, quarterstaff, dowel rod, rebar or broomstick - poke to do damage.  Never swing it like a baseball bat.  Use angled defenses to deflect and re-direct an enemy attack, then poke to counter-attack.

Never block an incoming attack at a 90 degree angle - even with a sword.  ALWAYS defend obliquely.  Angle your weapon so that the force of the attack is shunted away or past you.

Then counter attack.  

When you thrust with your staff weapon, be sure to snap your wrist 90 degrees as the tip of your weapon impacts the target - much like a bowler twists his wrist when releasing the ball.  
You are welcome.

Now, go find a dojo...


  1. What is it with you and gymnasts ribbons? ;)

    1. LOL - have I mentioned it before? Those athletes are awesome.

  2. All of you yapping posers and craven faggots
    suck shit through a pinched straw.
    Keep on keyboarding you commettariat bitches.
    Fuck you all.

    Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse

    cav med

    1. Here's the measure of all that circle-jerking that takes place across the 'Patriot' blogosphere - and it is a simple metric.

      There are no mosques in my AO.
      There are no flag burnings in my AO.
      There are no Antifa stepping out in my AO.
      There are no Mo's Morons being 're-settled' in my AO.

      How many other 'Patriots' can say the same, as they pound their puds and keyboards?

      There are plenty of 'problems' even here, to be sure - but they are small in scale and not like the problems 'Patriots' are letting take place elsewhere.

      One of the most amusing tidbits of the entire weekend at Charlottesville: The armed Lightfoot under Dingleberry Yingling - armed and full of 'principle' and 'respect' for the Constitution, refused to declare for a side in the melee!

  3. You posted a pic of a box a few years ago when you guys moved. It was one of the last ones and H was frustrated by writing the contents on every box. So the one said "leotards and fucking ribbons".
    The image of Kerodin prancing about in a leotard flapping ribbons has haunted me ever since.

  4. Did the tenderfoots train on their tacticool gameboys for this OP?

    1. I suspect they are graduates of the DTG online neighborhood defense team program.

  5. Protesters topple Confederate soldier statue in downtown Durham

    "Sheriff’s deputies recorded the event but did not intervene as a protester climbed a ladder and slipped a yellow, bungie-like cord around the soldier’s head and arm and a group pulled the cord."


    cav med

  6. Antifa Flag Raised Up Over Hennepin County Govt. Center in Solidarity with Charlottesville


    cav med


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