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Saturday, August 26, 2017

When Pepé Le Pew meets Hiro-matsu...

The other night H and I woke to the foulest odor ever coming through our windows about 3am-ish.  I was certain there was a fire nearby that included old tires, plastic, a meth lab and some horrid bio-waste.

The next morning, I find this unlucky lad near Hiro's favorite outside napping spot.

Sure enough, Hiro smelled the same as our toxic fire in the night.  Hiro usually chooses to sleep outside, and this guy apparently wandered into the yard sometime in the night and learned a hard lesson about an Akita who makes it his business to keep our property free of riff-raff.

Of course Hiro was miffed as I removed his kill from the yard to a more suitable - and downwind - resting place.  The skunk rattled like a sack of rocks - like most of the kills Hiro leaves for my disposal.  Interestingly - this skunk didn't smell like any skunk I have ever crossed in the past.  The typical east coast skunk 'spray' is unique and easily identified as 'skunk' - even roadkill.  I don't think this guy actually sprayed - my guess is the odor was some mix of punctured spray glands, and who-knows-what.  Unless western skunks simply have a different smell.  Dunno.

Anyway, we've been dealing with the new aroma our boy is sporting.  I call it eau'd yuck.

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