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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Milo v. Antifa: Berkeley 9/24/2017

Let's see what happens...


  1. In regards to, "Antifa & the Commies have, without question, taken and held ground that will not be retaken without a bloody fight."


    Beginning at 3:30 and throughout, hired New Black Panther "security" and roaming
    Red Guard menaces.
    Without surprise, you don't find any dissemination and competent analysis of this factual reality occurring in the (FAKE) patriot blogosphere.
    Any mention of today's events will be after the fact, and only in the capacity of blaming
    (((BLAACCCKKKSS))) and (((JOOOOOS)))
    for……… everything.

    cav medic

  2. Good find. I wonder how they'd have treated the guy if he were wearing a #MAGA cap...

  3. As I knew, the usual suspects of the
    (poser) patriot blogosphere are wildly
    pearl clutching about the NFL and it's disrespectful (((BLAACCCKKKSS))).
    Not surprisingly, none of those Chairborne
    rangers has any interest in admitting, let alone addressing, the reality that a communist force holds and controls a major FUSA city.
    Ain't nobody got time for that!

    cav medic


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