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Thursday, September 28, 2017

NO! This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

So sayeth the Reds:

Refuse Fascism, here.

RevCom, here.

Remember boys & girls - the only good Commie is a dead Commie.


  1. Heh, I left the refusefascism cucks a little "endorsement" :D Hope jimmies become rustled.

  2. Some background information: The mugshot photo is from a second arrest of Felarca on Tuesday, Sept. 26.
    Her arrest in Los Angeles happened on Tuesday, July 18.
    Felarca was arrested at LAX, while trying to board a flight and flee the state. She began making plans to flee, and began hiding out at the home of an L.A. acquaintance, after learning about the arrests of other BAMN/antifa members.
    The arrest on September 26, of Felarca and two other communists, occurred after police witnessed them attacking attendees of the Patriot Prayer Rally.
    On August 10th, at her arraignment hearing, she was charged with felony assault and two misdemeanor counts of inciting and participating in a riot, and her next court date related to her July arrest and the Sacremento riot is scheduled for October 4th.
    Without question, this undeniably reveals the level of influence and control that communists have gained in Berkeley, when one of their own who has been arraigned and charged with felony assault and is awaiting a jury trial, again attacks peaceful people and riots, unchecked, unconcerned, unafraid, in broad daylight and full view of the police.

    Links to videos of Felarca's arrest and communists attacks on September 26 (H/T to VFN): https://youtube.com/watch?v=k8okh9DcJDA
    Mercury News
    CBS SF Bay Area

    cav medic

  3. They should burn that witch at the stake.

  4. If an example is not made soon...

  5. While this article is an aside to
    the topic at hand, it reveals that
    the post-Constitutionalist crisis
    of our Republic is not simply a result
    of treasonous statists, who populate
    both wings (democratic and republican)
    of the ruling Uniparty dictatorship in D.C. .
    It is beyond doubt, the result of an entrenched communist subversion, wholly polluting our
    framework of governance at every level, federal, state, and local; to include the saturation of our eduational and social institutions.

    cav medic

  6. We are ...........
    Western Rifle Shooters Association
    How exactly are you going to convince multi-generational dependents on government payoffs that self-sufficiency and personal responsibility are a superior way of life?

    ......... hear us roar.

    cav medic

    1. HA! That is some Grade A rich hypocrisy right there.

      Most of the 'Establishment' bloggers (and a LARGE contingent of the Commentariat) are ALREADY accepting .Gov charity either directly from .Gov agencies, or indirectly by working for companies that exist only because of .Gov contracts - like FAA providers.

      So these fine, upstanding, smarter-than-the-average-bear 'Patriots' are going to try and convince the next generations to '...do as we say, not as we do...'



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