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Thursday, September 14, 2017

POTUS/Schumer/Pelosi/McConnell/Ryan/et al...

Before losing faith, consider:

You and I both understood - and accepted - that Donald Trump was never going to be a Constitutional ideologue.

We accepted his word that he'd cut immigration, build the wall, cut taxes, et cetera.

We have watched him outmaneuver all his primary rivals, and he's done the same many times with his obstructionists in the R Congress.  He is doing more of the same right now.  

He knows Ryan & McConnell are not helping him - so he made them irrelevant by turning to Schumer & Pelosi for a public smackdown. 

Back up a bit and let the man work.  He hasn't made any deal that means anything - there is no ink on paper.  So far it is all hyperbole, BS, sharp sticks in eyes, goading and posturing.  

When he is in the Oval Office with Ryan/McConnell/Schumer/Pelosi sitting on the sofa, all wearing their biggest grins - you know President Trump is not only the smartest guy in the room, but the smartest guy even if you cumulatively calculate everyone else against him.

These idiots are used to making deals when there is very little personal risk to themselves - yet Donald Trump is a lifelong vet of making deals when real money and real personal consequences are at stake.

Let the man work.  If he fails to deliver, he fails.  Then fire at will with your hate.

Yet don't get in his way and don't worry about how he attempts to deliver.

Judge the results, not the methodology.

That is all.

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  1. Ever watch South Park? I bet it went down like this...

    Schumer: You're a little dipshit President. With a dirty asshole. And you shit out your dick.

    Trump: Oh that's what people think, huh? Well, maybe I won't build the wall and repeal DACA. What do you think about that?

    Schumer: Yeah, you will, because you're a little retarded shit bitch.

    Trump: God damn it! Hold up! Hold up on the wall a minute!


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